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28 October 1868 – Steve Long

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Steve Long

Steve Long

A fittingly unlawful end met the equally lawless Steve Long, who was a supposed upholder of all things legal in the American Wild West.

Yeah right! The gun-toting Wild Westerner would shy away from incarcerating would-be felons, not least because he preferred to flex his law-making muscles either in face-offs or out-and-out gun battles.

Long – arm of the law

Apparently an ex-Confederate soldier, after the Civil War, he was soon appointed to the position of deputy marshal, and this was his licence to bully his way around the Wyoming town of Laramie City.

He teamed up with his brothers and the gang started securing ranch land by coercing owners into just handing over their deeds. Anyone who refused was shot and Long passed off the growing death toll with stories of how he had shot them in self-defence.

But the townships weren’t born yesterday and Sheriff N Boswell from Albany County got together with a few others and decided to lure the unlawful man and his two brothers into a trap. But they had no need. The bully boys were doing quite well on their own.

Precious mettle

Long targeted a gold prospector but a fierce gun battle kicked off in which Long was injured and the victim was killed. He made his way home and came clean to his fiancée, but she was so appalled that Long’s loved one bravely shopped him to the sheriff.

Well, that was it. Boswell rounded up a few good men and they stormed the saloon owned by Long and his bruvs. They then marched the three men out to a cabin, where the three men were strung up without trial.

Long had just one request before he died. Apparently he asked to take his shoes off because his mum had always said he’d die with his boots on.

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25 October 2005 – Willie Williams

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Willie Williams

Willie Williams

The only high was the body count after a coke dealer lost the plot in a turf war, which earned him the death penalty on this day in 2005. The set-to between two rival sets of dealers left four dead and one executed in Ohio.

William (Willie) Williams felt compelled to wipe out his competition in 1991, after he found that some dealers had moved in on his patch following a leave of absence.

Cherry picking

With the help of his girlfriend Jessica Cherry, her brother Dominic and one other, Williams targeted the rival’s home and managed to bring down four men after then were bound and gagged before being strangled and shot. opposition dealers.

But the killer didn’t bank on one of his cohorts giving themselves in and that’s precisely what his girl’friend’s brother did. As a result of Dominic Cherry’s actions, the other killers got arrested, however Williams managed to escape.

Cherry picking

You see, he’d been there before. The ringleader had already done time for dealing, indeed he is believed to have previously murdered another 10 people in amongst all his other dodgy dealings.

So while the supporting cast of youngsters all pleaded guilty to being accessories, old Williams decided to brazen it out by denying the charges of murder. What was he thinking?

It was hardly surprising that, given his previous and the not-guilty stance, Williams paid the ultimate price when Ohio doled out the death penalty.

As a result and despite appeals, Williams was hooked up to his killer gurney to receive his lethal dose, aged 48.

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24 October 2006 – Jeffrey Lundgren

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Jeffrey Lundgren

Jeffrey Lundgren

Just up the road from Danny Rolling, let us introduce you to a monstrous man in Ohio who used religion to manipulate people to participate in mass murder.

Jeffrey Lundgren tried to wriggle out of his deathly penalty on the grounds that his diabetes and obesity would make it a painful and drawn out end. But the hefty inmate failed to convince and he met his end today in 2006.

God squad

His crimes were particularly unsavoury. In a life dogged by manipulative behaviour he was to assert that God was speaking through him, which enabled him to attract a congregation to join his cult – an offshoot of the Reorganised Church of Latter Day Saints.

But far from preaching peace and love, he was to use his flock to gang up on an unsuspecting family and bump them callously off one by one.

He’d started off small, but in search of a more lucrative diocese the self-appointed man of God headed to Kirtland in Ohio to practice. There he was to amass a splinter group of Mormon followers who were sucked into his evil plans. And the focus of that plan was members of his congregation.

Pit of despair

The Avery family had really got his goat. Mrs Avery knew her own mind, her husband was beginning to ask searching questions of Lundgren, while the children were just ‘unruly’, according to David Lohr for

Once he’ persuaded the rest of his following to back him up, they lured the family out to the country, where a death pit was dug ready for the massacre.

Then one by one, they summoned the Averys, starting with dad Dennis. Each was bound and gagged and tossed into the pit where they were shot several times. The last to go was six-year-old Karen, who was chucked into the now bloody pit where the rest of her family lay dead. She was promptly shot too.


The remaining members of the cult then sharply went on the run, but life started to unravel as members, shocked by the callously cold executions, began to escape the venomous clutches of Lundgren. Even two women who were pregnant with his children had scarpered.

Some sources state it was his mother-in-law who’d been summoned to look after his kids who eventually shopped him to the police. While others state it was a disgruntled husband whose partner had been commandeered by bigamist Lundgren.

By this time the bodies had been unearthed and the cult members were leading suspects.
Lundgren and his cohorts were found guilty. Being accessories to murder carried lesser sentences. And while some of them, including Lundgren’s wife and son are currently banged up serving lengthy sentences, Lundgren got the book thrown at him.

It took a jury just two hours to convict him and he got given five death penalties. But it only took one lethal dose of the killer injection to kill him on this day in 2006. He was aged 56.

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20 October 1865 – Champ Ferguson

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Champ Ferguson

Champ Ferguson

OK, so today’s condemned man is controversial. Apparently there are many people out there who still worship Champ Ferguson as a hero.

Today people are happy to defend his actions as a guerrilla rebel who targeted many a Yankee soldier or sympathiser during the American Civil War.

Champ or chump?

But while some are happy to hero worship, others can just as easily brand him a cold-hearted killer who wouldn’t think twice about despatching people irrespective of frailty or infirmity during a blood period in US history. But one thing was for sure, he was driven by racism.

His methods were unorthodox and often didn’t follow the code of conduct during war. He would employ barbaric methods in his bid for Confederate supremacy.

On one such occasion, he apparently tied a man to a tree, before running circles round him on his horse, and flaying the victim with his sword until the poor unfortunate was slashed to death.

The elderly, those recuperating in hospital, anyone with a sniff of Yankee about them was fair game in his eyes. At least, that’s what the anti camp reckoned when they levelled the charge of war crimes against him in Nashville after he’d been apprehended. As many as 53 murders were included in the list of offences.

But Ferguson’s fans state ‘Some of his purported victims remained nameless, and many of the other charges were wholly unsupported by either witnesses or documentation’, according to ‘The Sons of Confederate Veterans’ (SCV). They even go as far as to call him a martyr to the cause.

Ropey stories

Irrespective of that opinion, he was found guilty of mass murder and hanged aged 43, with his wife and daughter watching.

Or was he?

In a final twist, there was doubt cast on his execution. A biographer, by the name of Thurman Sensing reported in his book ‘Champ Ferguson; Confederate Guerrilla’ that the condemned man’s last request was that he be put in the coffin and handed over to his wife so she could ‘take him back home to White County where he would be surrounded by his family and buried in good Rebel soil’.

The author hinged his ropey argument on the fact that, surely she’d have ensured that his name had been spelled correctly on his headstone.

In actual fact, Sensing goes as far as to suggest Ferguson was cut down almost as soon as he’d fallen through the trap door, and that he’d been secretly carried out to freedom in the coffin. Why, because many other rebels who’d committed similar crimes had been let off, so why should Ferguson be singled out?

Ferguson himself said that he carried on killing because of rumours of what would happen to him if he was ever caught. ‘I had always heard that the Federals would not take me prisoner, but would shoot me down wherever they found me. That is what made me kill more than I otherwise would have done.’

His family is alleged to have taken him to Oklahoma where they spent the rest of their days. Indeed Sensing reckoned he has tracked down Champ’s actual grave.

If that’s the case, who’s lying in Champ Furguson’s (sic) grave…?

Also on this day…

20 October 2005 – Luis Ramirez

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12 October 1984 – Linwood Briley

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A trio of notorious numbskulls frittered away the lives of others in a series of wrongdoings that was ultimately to cost them their lives too.

But one was to gain true infamy when he led a near-successful prison break, which ‘Time’ magazine termed ‘the largest death-row breakout in history’ back in 1984.

Linwood Earl, along with brothers James (‘JB’) and Anthony Briley rampaged their way through Virginia in a terror fest that earned two of them the death penalty. Didn’t matter whether the victims were black, white, rich or poor, it seemed like it was the thrill of the kill that appeared to motivate the sadistic siblings.

In the early days, such was their subterfuge that they’d persuaded the town where they lived that they were handy boys to have around – odd jobbers who could turn their hands to anything.

Yeah, well they were odd alright. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, their own dad had clocked that they were well dodgy and was so distrustful that he slept with his bedroom door locked. Their methods were ultra-violent – according to the ‘Syracuse Herald’, Linwood used whatever weapons he had at his disposal, including ‘smashing a woman’s skull with a ball’.

So what hope did the rest of Virginia have?

Home alone

Linwood was the first to slump into the pit of depravity. At just 16 and alone in the house, he took a carefree pot shot at an elderly neighbour. Sadly his aim was bang on. And so came the first in a whole spate of killings, which were to make up the Brileys’ brace of bodies.

Amazingly, the sharpshooter very nearly got away with it. Of course, as the victim had been elderly, no foul play had been suspected. However, as Mrs Christian was lying in state, observant relatives saw a bloody mark and asked for another examination to be carried out.

The embedded bullet was revealed, which kicked off a whole load of tests and logistical evidence that pointed to a gun being fired from the Briley residence.

When confronted, the sullen 16-year-old callously came back with the claim that ‘I heard she had heart problems, she would have died soon anyway’.

Being a minor, the eldest Briley was marched off to reform school. But with such a supremely sadistic role model, what hope did his younger bruvs have? Needless to say, JB soon followed suit after he pulled the trigger on a cop.

Get knotted

On release, the brothers began their career in crime in earnest, roping in brother Anthony plus another mate. Together, they carried out a spate of vicious robberies, which left most of their victims murdered; except for one couple.

Having hoovered a house of hard-earned cash and valuables and doused what was left with petrol, the gang torched the gaff and scarpered leaving the incumbent couple for dead.

Thankfully, the sloppy scoundrels hadn’t paid enough attention to the knots binding the couple and they were able to work themselves free and escape with their lives, only to watch their livelihoods literally go up in smoke.

Neighbourhood watch

Yet others were not so lucky. The gang preyed on the vulnerable and became the terrifying scourge of the State, leaving several dead in their menacing wake. This culminated in the death of one of their mates. The boys were cruising like ‘Droogs’ looking for a fight.

A neighbour clocked them and before he could help himself he’d shut and locked his door.
Of course the gang saw all this and that was it. From that point on fate had found their next victim.
Harvey Wilkerson had a young family – a 23-year-old partner who was up the duff as well as a five-year-old son.

When the fateful knock at the door came, what was the guy to do? Wilkerson opened the door, which was a decision he never lived long enough to regret. The louts were all over the young family like a pestilence, raping the heavily pregnant woman before tying them up.

The kills

The gang members then goaded the newest member of their team to claim his first kill. Duncan Meekins did so in the shape of Wilkerson. JB then finished off the child and the girlfriend, plus the unborn baby (but more of him later).

This was the step too far for it just so happened that police were in the area, heard the gunshots and saw the boys legging it. Sadly they hadn’t seen where they’d come from, but a few days later the targets of the team’s shooting practice were revealed and the time had come to reel the gang in.

Down and out

The charges were rattled off with machine gun intensity from robbery to murder and JB went down for killing the last two victims. Meekins, on the other hand, did the indecent thing (depending on how you look at it). He stitched up the brothers in return for a lesser sentence. And given that he’d shot someone in a State that doles out the death penalty, he literally got away with murder.

That was more than can be said for the Brileys. Anthony got life, but his elder brothers both wangled one-way tickets to death row, Linwood’s victim being a DJ.

Even then the condemned pair tried to wheedle their way slimily out their allotted penalties. Along with four other inmates, they cooked up a prison break and nearly succeeded. But the bad apples never fell far from the family tree and the FBI finally caught up with Linwood and JB 19 days later near their uncle’s in Philly.


Banged up once again, naturally Briley appealed on the basis that he ‘had been discriminated against in sentencing because he [was] black and his victim was white’ according to a report in the ‘New York Times‘. But the third and final attempt never even got an airing. It was dismissed paving the way for the mass murderer’s actions to catch up with him finally.

Well Virginia didn’t hang around as Old Sparky was out in full force in 1984 – as a result, Briley was barbecued on this day, aged 30. His brother was to take his place in the same hot seat just six months later…

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