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24 January 1989 – Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy

A suave, cool and charming exterior hid a malevolent boil on the butt of humanity. We are, of course, talking about depraved sex-fiend Theodore Robert ‘Ted’ Bundy, who was executed today in 1989.

Bundy got the shock of his life when he went to the electric chair for a rape and murder fest that spanned the United States of America.

He became known as one of America’s most violent and infamously grisly serial killers.


Bundy went on a raping rampage, targeting women whom he would molest and then murder gratuituously in a four-year frenzy that took place around 1972 to 1976.

His popular choice of prey took the form of female students, and he would often decapitate his victims. With others, he’d even commit necrophilia on the rotting corpses, until decay had set in so badly, it became unbearable or impossible.

Bundy finally officially confessed to 30 murders, one as young as 12 years old. But this is a conservative figure, and only when the monsterous man was strapped to the electric chair did that finally put an end to his gratuitous killing spree.

Bundy was played by Michael Reilly Burke in the imaginatively titled film Ted Bundy.

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16 January 1936 – Albert Fish

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Albert FishFlesh-eating American serial killer Albert Hamilton Fish flippantly said ‘I don’t even know why I am here’ as he sat on the electric chair waiting to die.

Fish was an American serial killer and cannibal who was sentenced to die on this day in 1936. He boasted that he molested over 100 children, and was a suspect in at least five child killings in New York. During his violent rampage, he earned the nicknames ‘Gray Man’, ‘the Werewolf of Wysteria’ and possibly even the ‘Brooklyn Vampire’. And he did nothing to hide his guilt when the authorities finally caught up with him.  Fish readily confessed to three actual murders and he was tried for the murder of Grace Budd.

Cannibal lectures

In a cruel twist he wrote to the mother of one of his victims giving her a blow-by-blow description of what he did to her daughter. He said of 10-year-old Budd: ‘How sweet and tender her little ass was roasted in the oven. It took me 9 days to eat her entire body. I did not f**k her tho’ I could of had I wished. She died a virgin.’

Another victim, Billy Gaffney met an altogether bloodier end, having been tortured with a cat’o’nine tails and having his eyes ripped out and his ears and nose sliced off apparently while still alive. In his written confession, Fish even went as far as to give recipe instructions for how he’d roasted Gaffney.

Sexually depraved and with a history of sado-masochism, Fish was found guilty of murder and sentenced to be electrocuted at Sing Sing, New York.

After he was sentenced, Fish also admitted assaulting and strangling eight-year-old Francis X. McDonnell on Staten Island.

He was strapped to the electric chair in 1936, aged 65.

A couple of films have been made about Mr Fish including Albert Fish: In sin he found salvation starring Oto Brezina and The Gray Man starring Patrick Bauchau.

You may also be interested in his biography Albert Fish – The Werewolf of Wysteria.

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5 January 1993 – Westley Allan Dodd

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Westley Allen Dodd

‘I must be executed before I have an opportunity to escape or kill someone else’ said US sex offender and serial killer Westley Allan Dodd.

Also known as Satan’s disciple, Dodd was branded ‘incurable’ by his own admission. The murderous sex offender from Richland, Washington was convicted of killing 3 boys. He stabbed 11-year-old Cole Neer, and his brother William, 10 in a park on 4 September 1989 in cold blood as one of them imploringly cried out ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’. He stabbed the boys multiple times and one even tried to escape during the frenzied attack.

He then went on to target 4-year-old Lee Joseph Iseli. Following a two-day marathon of rape and torture, Iseli was hanged and his little body was finally dredged from Lake Vancouver.

Dodd’s motive? ‘I was getting bored. I didn’t have a TV’ said the callous killer. But the law finally caught up with him after he botched an attempt to abduct another unnamed boy.

Younger days

The eldest of three brothers, Dodd grew up in a loveless household. His younger brother Gregory even referred to him a nerd and said that when Dodd was growing up other school children would make fun of him. Gregory Dodd even went on the hypothesise that his serial killing spree was a form of revenge for his childhood persecution. Throughout high school and beyond Dodd went on to sexually abuse a wealth of children, some say as many as 50. But he managed to evade lengthy punishments his crimes.


Washington State instead tried to rehabilitate him and failed. Dodd said of the attempts to cure him that ‘I have said all along the system does not work. I knew what I was doing, I knew it was wrong. I knew I could get the death penalty if caught. I killed them.’

And finally the law caught up with him and he was sentenced to death for the murders. The 31-year-old chose hanging over lethal injection as the method of execution, saying of his victims,’they didn’t get an nice, neat, painless, easy death. Why should I?’. So, on 5 January 1993, his became the first legal hanging in America since 1965.

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21 December 1929 – Peter Kudzinowski

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The children of New Jersey were particularly vulnerable in the late 1920s.

Not only was the slimy Albert Fish trawling the area, but also Peter Kudzinowski, a railroad worker-cum-serial killer, was at large.

On the wrong track

Indeed Kudzinowski was suspected of killing one Billy Gaffney, who’s body was never found. And little wonder, as the real killer had eaten a lot of it.

Step forward Albert Fish, who was eventually to admit to Gaffney’s murder to the little boy’s own mother. He told of how he tortured the little boy to death, gouging out his eyes, drinking his blood and feasting on his roasted flesh.

But for a time, Kudzinowski was the prime suspect for he’d been up to similarly depraved activities. Besides, the police caught up with him first after he committed three murders.

Watery grave

The body of Harry Quinn was never found but five-year-old Julia Mlodzianowski was found after be abducted her, murdered her then chucked her lifeless body from a moving train into the Delaware River.

Similarly seven-year-old Joseph Storelli was murdered and disposed of in a wood, according to ‘The New York Times’.

For these crimes, a jury took just 63 minutes to convict him, and the Polish immigrant was barbecued on the electric chair in Trenton, aged just 26.

If you’re wondering about Fish, check out his story.

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31 October 1589 – Peter Stubbe

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As it’s Hallowe’en, here’s a depraved individual for you to savour.

Breaking wheel fun for all the family

Breaking wheel fun for all the family

Peter Stubbe (Stumpp, Stubbe or however it’s spelled) had a pet name – the Werewolf of Bedburg – and not without reason.

Apparently he was executed in 1589, having feasted his flesh-eating way round Cologne, targeting children, pregnant women and even unborn foetuses, according to various sources.

Scores on the Bores

The basis for most of the reports come from one source – a transcript written by George Bores, which was unearthed in 19201. His translation dates back to 1590 and is one of two remaining copies – the original was in ‘High Dutch’ of which there are no known copies left.

So, with a leap of faith, we’ll take this tale on trust.


Indeed, it starts off sounding familiar – very much like Goethe’s ‘Faust’, which was published around 1587… For Stubbe was into black magic and devil worship too. But while Faust sold his soul for knowledge, Stubbe traded his for the opportunity to ‘work his malice on men, women, and children, in the shape of some beast, whereby he might live without dread or danger of life’.

And then the tale started to lose the plot a bit, describing how the devil transformed him into a wolf. But one thing was for sure – he sure sounded malicious.

If you’re squeamish look away now…

Brains of the family

In one such murderous act, Stubbe targeted his own son and when he had killed him ‘he presently ate the brains out of his head as a most savory (sic) and dainty delicious mean to staunch his greedy appetite’. Yum…

He was to target a variety of different people, from those who’d just got his goat to innocent children. It describes how he would rip out his victims’ throats and pull them apart limb from limb. Like old Freddie Krueger out of ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, Stubbe methods were just as violent – he was described as having ripped foetuses out of the wombs of their dead mums, before eating ‘their hearts panting hot and raw’.

Stubbe carried out these acts in cahoots with his daughter, whom he had sexually abused. The report even goes as far as to say his daughter, in turn, gave birth to his child. Likewise his girlfriend was embroiled in his cannibalistic activities, which spanned 25 years.

No-one suspected a thing until fate intervened and in the guise of his wolfish alter ego, he targeted a young girl and failed to kill her. Now the town knew their adversary, they set a trap for the lupine lech. They eventually caught him and he transformed into a man before their very eyes.

The feral felon was found guilty of various murders and sentenced to death along with his sidekicks, but more of the girls in a bit…

The main man got a real pounding – Stubbe was strapped to a breaking wheel where his flesh was torn off right down to the bone in 10 different places, before his arms and legs were beaten to a pulp with the blunt end of an axe and finally he was beheaded.

He then joined the two girls on a pyre and they were burned to ashes. That is all except his head, which was apparently plonked on top of the wheel and dressed in a wolf’s fur as a taut reminder of his visceral and depraved activities.

1 Transcript source:

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25 October 1964 – Eric Edgar Cooke

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Eric Edgar Cooke

Eric Edgar Cooke

The Nedlands Monster turned a sleepy Perth town on its head after he went on a murderous rampage, which claimed 22 people.

The monster was actually Eric Edgar Cooke, who sent the Aussie inhabitants of Nedlands into turmoil after he randomly picked off inhabitants, indiscriminately running people over in his car or knocking on their doors and shooting them at point-blank range to name just a couple of methods. He would even stab people in their beds, according to a report by Bret Christian of the local ‘Post’ newspaper.

The murderer targeted his victims in the space of four years and killed eight of them. Some say these were a revenge attacks, because, as a child, Cooke had a cleft lip and was bullied at school as a result, while other unconfirmed sources put it down to the fact that his dad beat him as a boy.

Hidden deaths

He was married with seven children, but harboured a secret double life under his outward respectability. After he was arrested it turned out that Cooke was a serial criminal too. He’d bagged over 200 thefts and five hit-and-runs all against women.

Two peas in a pod

Cooke was found guilty of murder and got the death penalty. He was hanged at Fremantle Prison on this day in 1964 and, in doing so, became the last person to hit the gallows in Western Australia.

They then stashed his body on top of a fellow criminal – child murderer Martha Rendell, who curiously was the first woman to be executed in Western Australia.

Button up

In a recent twist, a Perth case was reopened in 2002. One John Button had carried the can for murder. He’d been accused of running his girlfriend over following an argument that had taken place two weeks before her death.

He served five years in jail, but according to ABC researcher Wendy Page, Button took out proceedings to try to clear his name with help from writer Estelle Blackburn, who charted the story in her book ‘Broken Lives’. Indeed, in 2003, his tireless efforts paid off, literally after Button was awarded AUS$460,000 for the wrongful indictment.

Similarly, in 2005 Darryl Beamish was exonerated following a spell in jail for murder.

Both crimes were posthumously put down to the Cooke, raising his death toll to 10.

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24 October 2006 – Danny Rolling

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Danny Rolling

Danny Rolling

Today’s a corker of a day – a hymn-singing serial killer plus a self-proclaimed prophet who claimed he had the ear of God.

But first to the serial killer, whose name was Danny Harold Rolling. He got a heart-stopping dose of toxins today in 2006 following a spate of macabre felons in Florida.

Although there was one male, his preferred prey was female students, and there were rich pickings in Gainesville, home to the alumni of the University of Florida and Santa Fe College.

Sunshine State Florida may be, but Rolling tumbled in like a black cloud shrouding proceedings. For his methods were nothing short of evil. A consummate and sadistic slasher, he used his hunting knife to stab or slit his victims, even to decapitate one of them. Some were sexually abused.

In fact he was so grim that his actions prompted many to dub him the worst killer since Ted Bundy.

Head in a book

And the commentators weren’t wrong. With meticulous precision, Rolling would pose his victims ‘for maximum shock effect’, according to’s Fiona Steel, and in one case he even displayed the dead head on a bookshelf, while the headless corpse was sat on the bed next to her detached nipples, in a truly sick twist.

So what had sparked this killer instinct? He was to blame his dad, who was ironically a police officer based in Louisiana. It all kicked off when Rolling was born – indeed his conception had been a mistake. Naturally, the fact that he was an unwanted child meant that his dad beat him.

So Rolling was able to chart his depravity back to abuse when he was young, but ‘I am not a salivating ogre’ he told Associated Press after he’d been banged up.


For thankfully he had eventually been caught but not before he’d slaughtered five victims. And he was brought into custody for a completely different crime…

Of course, the authorities very nearly got it wrong. They hauled in a victim of circumstance; a man by the name of Edward Humphrey who fitted the mental bill perfectly – violent, with just the right splash of unpredictable and emotionally unhinged behaviour.


Spookily, in the meantime, Rolling had moved south to Ocala, robbing people as he travelled down and luckily leaving a destructive trail of DNA behind, which was to link him to the murders.

Luckily, there he was hauled in for armed robbery after he desperately tried to do over a supermarket on a busy Saturday afternoon. They had no reason to suspect the bloodthirsty monster at this juncture, but at least he was off the streets so the killing stopped.

As they started dredging up facts to uphold a robbery charge, more sinister happenings were unearthed. Three similarly grotesque murders had occurred in Louisiana and it turns out Rolling had even tried to bump off his dad. The evidence just came tumbling out, headed up by his pubic hair and bodily fluids found at scenes of his crimes.

Split personality

Faced with such damning evidence, Rolling didn’t stand a chance. He played the abuse card and put his actions down to schizophrenia, but none of that cut it in a court of law.

He was sent down to ride out the rest of his short life on death row before the 52-year-old was hooked up to a gurney in 2006, apparently in exactly the same place as his predecessor Ted Bundy. When asked if Rolling had any last words, he rolled out a hymn as the toxins took hold.

This brings us neatly back to God and our next deadly candidate who was bumped off on the same day…

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