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Execution of the Day 2010

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Happy Birthday to us…Execution of the day is 2!!

While we sort out the format for the next 12 months* here’s a link to the latest addition to our grisly roster, the story of our fellow countryman Akmal Shaikh.

There’s been lot’s written about the case, but not by us, so what do you think?

Dodgy decision or justice?

* yes, we should have done this some time ago

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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 52)

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24 December 1867 – Frederick Baker
You can be forgiven for thinking Sweet Fanny Adams was merely a euphemism for ‘f**k all’ (or a Brazilian rock band). But she was a real person who really did exist, albeit not for very long, as her story now unfolds.

25 December 1989 – Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu
Who needs a televised ‘Queen’s Speech’, when you can watch the demise of a dodgy dictator on the box instead. So the bullet-riddled bodies of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu graced Romanian TVs on this day in 1989. They were executed by firing squad for crimes against the state.

26 December c34-35 – Saint Stephen
Saint Stephen was canonised after he was stoned to death for allegedly blaspheming against Moses and God circa 34 to 35AD.

27 December 1905 – Frederick Edge
Frederick Edge was sentenced to be hanged for infanticide in 1905.

28 December 1903 – Emily Swann
Emily Swann was hanged at 8am together with her lover for the murder of her husband William. Her husband was a violent man given to beating Swann. At the end of her tether, Swann showed his latest handiwork to her toy-boy lover John Gallagher (30), who was overheard vowing to get even with him.

29 December 2006 – Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein, the infamous former President of Iraq, was hanged in 2006 for crimes against humanity, aged 69.

30 December 1842 – Noah Beauchamp
Noah Beauchamp was the first person to be legally hanged in Parke County, Indiana, after he murdered one of his neighbours.

31 December 1898 – Joseph Vacher
A French version of Jack the Ripper was beheaded after he confessed to murdering a feast of victims, among them shepherds and shepherdesses.

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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 51)

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17 December 1914 – Arthur Hodges
Arthur Hodges killed a policeman while resisting arrest. For that the African-American was put on the electric chair and became the first person to be executed by the chair in Arkansas.

18 December 1945 – John Amery
John Amery, a staunch fascist, was hanged at Wandsworth, for treason. He helped both Hitler and Mussolini spread their propaganda during the Second World War.

19 December 1932 – Yoon Bong-Gil
Yoon Bong-Gil, a 24-year-old Korean, was sentenced to death for attempting to kill the Japanese Emperor Hirohito.

20 December 1876 – John Green
Nine children were left orphaned after their father John Green was executed for shooting their mother.

21 December 1929 – Peter Kudzinowski
The children of New Jersey were particularly vulnerable in the late 1920s. Not only was the slimy Albert Fish trawling the area, but also Peter Kudzinowski, a railroad worker-cum-serial killer, was at large.

22 December 1915 – Harry Thompson
Lovelorn Harry Thompson lost his life for letting all-consuming passions get the better of him. He managed to get embroiled with one Alice Kaye and the relationship was to be the death of him.

23 December 1890 – Mary Eleanor Wheeler Pearcey
Mary Eleanor Wheeler Pearcey hanged for the murder of her lover’s wife and baby.

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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 50)

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10 December 1900 – John Filip Nordlund
John Filip Nordlund was the penultimate person to be executed in Sweden. He was sentenced to death for mass murder after boarding a ferry bound for Stockholm with the sole intention of stealing money from the passengers, killing them and stealing the ships register.

11 December 2002 – Jay Wesley Neill
Jay Wesley Neill was executed by lethal injection for a cold blooded killing spree during a bank robbery.

12 December 1911 – Walter Martyn & John Tarkenter
Two men, two murders, two hangings. Walter Martyn was hanged in Heywood for strangling his girlfriend. John Tarkenter slit his wife’s throat as she lay in bed after a row.

13 December 1945 – Irma Grese and Josef Kramer
Grese and the “Beast of Belsen” himself, Josef Kramer were both hanged after the Nuremberg trials.

14 December 1982 – John Eldon Smith
John Eldon Smith died by the electric chair in Georgia for the murder of Ronald and Juanita Akins.

15 December 1902 – Samuel Walton
Samuel Walton was hanged in Durham for murdering the women in his life.

16 December 1902 – Thomas Nicholson
Thomas Nicholson hanged for the murder of seven-year-old Mary Ina Stewart.

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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 49)

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3 December 2001 – Lois Nadean Smith
Lois Nadean Smith was put to death by lethal injection, aged 61 for the murder of her son’s ex-girlfriend Cindy Baillee. Smith was incensed that Baillee had tried to get her son Greg Smith killed and so confronted her in the car on the way to her ex-husband’s house.

4 December 2005 – Wesley Eugene Baker
Wesley Eugene Baker died by lethal injection, following a callous murder of Jane Tyson in a car park in Catonsville. He was sentenced to death in Maryland in 1992, after it emerged that Tyson was killed in cold blood.

5 December 2002 – Ernest West Basden
Contract killer Ernest West Basden was sentenced to death after he was hired to bump off someone’s husband.

6 December 1905 – Henry Perkins
Henry Perkins swung for his crime in Newcastle, aged 40, after he murdered Patrick Durkin.

7 December 1938 – Anne Marie Hahn
Anne Marie Hahn AKA Arsenic Anna was fried on this day in 1938. She was done for poisoning George Obendorfer in Cincinnati as part of an avaricious killing spree in her merciless pursuit of money.

8 December 1909 – Abel Atherton
‘Yer hanging an innocent man,’ an anguished Abel Atherton claimed just as he was about to be hanged today in 1909.

9 December 2002 – Desmond Keith Carter
Desmond Keith Carter was sentenced to death by lethal injection in North Carolina for the 1992 stabbing a 71-year-old neighbour after she refused to lend him money.

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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 39)

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24 September 1652 – Captain James Hind
Life may have panned out very differently if our next man’s plan had worked. But it didn’t. Instead the notorious highwayman by the name of Captain James Hind was strung up for robbery.

25 September 2008 – Jesse James Cummings
“The justice system let me down on this case. It turned a blind eye to truth in this. Today, you came here to see an innocent man die,” Cummings said according to a report by American newspaper, USA Today. Apparently, he gasped twice and was pronounced dead at 6:11 pm, just six minutes after the lethal liquids were intravenously released.

26 September 1818 – John Moores
John Moores was put to death for burglary. He was hanged in Chester in 1818.

27 September 2007 – Rickey Nolan McGinn
Well, what do you know, Texas was at it again today in 2000 when the state carried out its lethal sentence against Rickey Nolan McGinn. His was a particularly heinous crime because he raped and killed his own step-daughter, who was just 12 at the time.

28 September 1666 – Robert Hubert
An angry mob of Londoners tore French watchmaker Robert Hubert’s corpse limb from limb on this day in 1666, after Hubert blagged that he started the Great Fire of London. Forget an errant bale of straw at a bakery in Pudding Lane, our French friend thought it would be a great idea to claim he’d sparked the conflagration.

29 September 1637 – Lorenzo Ruiz
Eat yer heart out David Blaine with your pseudo-hangin’ upside down, for we’ve found a story to top your stunt. So let’s head to the Philippines via Japan for the latest instalment of notable dates with death. Today marks a historic event in the Far Eastern Catholic calendar for it heralds the death of the first Filipino saint.

30 September 1952 – Dennis Muldowney
James Bond creator, Ian Fleming was inspired by the exotic Polish victim slain by today’s deadly desperado’s date with death. Dennis Muldowney was executed on this day in 1952 for the murder of a Cold-War countess. Marine steward, Muldowney was jailed and sentenced to death for killing Polish Countess Krystyna Skarbek, aka Christine Granville, who was known for her forays into espionage.

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