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9 July 2004 – Riley Dobi Noel

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Riley Dobi Noel

Riley Dobi Noel

Having spent the night of 4 June 1995 getting stoned with friends, Riley Dobi Noel decided to exact revenge on the woman he thought was instrumental in the death of his brother.

Early on the morning on 5 June he arrived at the Arkansas home of the Hussian family, where he expected to find the person involved in the drive-by killing of his brother.

Triple murder

He was expecting to find Mary Hussian’s daughter, who is said to have set his brother up, enabling others to shoot him. But when Noel didn’t find her to exact his retribution, he ordered the three siblings (aged 10, 12 and 17) who were there to lie down on the floor instead.

The boys did as they were told only to receive a bullet each in the brain for their pains. Noel’s accomplice attacked the children’s mother, Mary, with a shotgun, but it failed to go off and she survived.

Noel was executed by lethal injection on 9 July 2004, aged 32.

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6 June 2000 – Feltus Taylor

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Feltus Taylor Financial worries can drive a person to crazy distraction, but hopefully not so crazy as to kill. Unfortunately, there was no telling Feltus Taylor, who paid for his crime on this day six months into the new Millennium.

He was executed in Louisiana for murdering an ex-workmate and shooting his ex-boss, following a desperate armed robbery.

You’re fired

Taylor needed money, fast. Just two weeks beforehand, he’d been working in a fast-food restaurant, but as he hadn’t cut it, his boss had understandably given him the boot.

However, he fatefully turned up at the restaurant first thing one morning and begged for his old job back, but boss Keith Clarke refused. Instead, as a friend, he offered to help Taylor find something else.

When that was done, Clarke started sorting out the till and that’s what prompted Taylor into thinking there was a more immediate solution to his problem. He returned armed with a gun and handcuffs and things got really nasty. Taylor took his pistol to cook Donna Posano’s head and forced Clarke to open the safe.

Then he fired

Around $1,300 later, it occurred to the robber that the victims may rat on him, so Taylor tried to get them to promise to keep it quiet. Of course, neither of the handcuffed individuals agreed, so he lost it and irately emptied a barrel of bullets into Posano’s head and arms before embedding another four bullets in Clarke.

Posano died of her injuries, while miraculously, Clarke lived, although he was left wheelchair-bound and slightly brain damaged.

Naturally, the racket coming from the diner didn’t go unnoticed and the police were called after a witness took Taylor’s number plate. He was apprehended shortly after and he compliantly took them to where he’d stashed the $1,300.


That was the beginning of the end. Taylor was found guilty of murder and Louisiana sentenced him to death by lethal injection.

Five stays later and Taylor’s day finally came around. He died having admitted directly to the murder victim’s family and to Clarke that, ‘I have always regretted what I’ve done. It was my own doing. After this is over with, I hope you can find the peace to move on’.

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6 June 1928 – Frederick Stewart

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25 May 1979 – John Arthur Spenkelink

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John Arthur SpenkelinkFellow inmates rattled their cages as a send-off for condemned colleague John Arthur Spenkelink, according to anti-capital punishment observer Rick Halperin. The death row inhabitant’s time was up and he was strapped to Old Sparky to face his electrifying ending.

Chills multiplying

Necking two tots of whiskey before he met his maker, Spenkelink was Florida’s first execution since the penalty was resumed in 1976 and the second in the US.

But, chillingly, all may not have been as it appeared. He had resisted his sentence throughout, never more so than in those last few hours leading up to his death.

Halperin reported that there were rumours Spenkelink was beaten into submission and gagged before being dragged to the chair. Indeed other sources went even further, touting that the criminal was dead before he even hit the chair. Such was the powerful intensity surrounding the damaging and ever-multiplying claims that, posthumously, Spenkelink was exhumed for another autopsy.

Lost control

Some reports state that he was convicted of murdering an accompanying hitchhiker who’d forced an incensed Spenkelink to commit a sexual act on him at gunpoint, before playing Russian roulette. But a transcript of an appeal makes no mention of these, instead basing the killing on the fact that the hitchhiker had, in fact, pocketed Spenkelink’s money.

Whatever the motive, Spenkelink took a gun to the hitchhiker’s head and blew a bullet into the left side of his brain before firing another shot into his back in self defence apparently.

However, prosecution reports state that there were gunpowder residues on the motel room’s pillow, which indicate the hitchhiker’s head was on it at the time of death – hardly a struggle.

He then made for a fast getaway with another mate, but they were apprehended soon after and accused of murder. Spenkelink was found guilty and sentenced to death. However, his lawyer said that he’d been offered a plea bargain – second-degree murder would have earned him life. But he flatly refused and was to pay for the decision with his life.


In a moment of profundity, Spenkelink is said to have accurately observed that ‘Capital punishment means those without capital get the punishment’ and with that he was alleged to have died of a broken neck from being beaten up, before he was placed on the chair and given three fatal shocks to his system.

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