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9 July 2004 – Riley Dobi Noel

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Riley Dobi Noel

Riley Dobi Noel

Having spent the night of 4 June 1995 getting stoned with friends, Riley Dobi Noel decided to exact revenge on the woman he thought was instrumental in the death of his brother.

Early on the morning on 5 June he arrived at the Arkansas home of the Hussian family, where he expected to find the person involved in the drive-by killing of his brother.

Triple murder

He was expecting to find Mary Hussian’s daughter, who is said to have set his brother up, enabling others to shoot him. But when Noel didn’t find her to exact his retribution, he ordered the three siblings (aged 10, 12 and 17) who were there to lie down on the floor instead.

The boys did as they were told only to receive a bullet each in the brain for their pains. Noel’s accomplice attacked the children’s mother, Mary, with a shotgun, but it failed to go off and she survived.

Noel was executed by lethal injection on 9 July 2004, aged 32.

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