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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 22)

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James-Neil-Tucker28 May 2004 – James Neil Tucker
‘To those I have harmed: my abject apologies and regrets. I am ashamed.’ Those were the final words of American James Neil Tucker and they sounded sincere enough, didn’t they? But it does make you wonder, when you hear what one of his previous lawyers said about him.

29 May 1593 – John Penry
It should be a criminal offence to call your kids Deliverance, Comfort, Safety and Sure-hope. But that’s not why John Penry kicked the bucket today in 1593. Wales’s first Protestant martyr was hanged for his nationalistic views on religion.

joan-of-Arc30 May 1431 – Joan of Arc
French national treasure, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake as a heretic despite a prolific career on the battlefield. Fact was she’d been a visionary leader, quite literally – her actions were governed and dictated by visions from God plus other martyrs.

Ronald-Clark-O'Bryan31 May 1984 – Ronald Clark O’Bryan
‘Too many sweets’ll kill ya,’ especially if your dad’s a money-grabbing maniac. Our filicidal felon of the day is Ronald C O’Bryan who made the ultimate sacrifice in search of wealth. The Texan was hell-bent on bagging a $20,000 payout, so he wilfully poisoned his own son for financial gain.

1 June 1962 – Karl Adolf Eichmann
Exterminate was the order of the day for Karl Adolf Eichmann in 1962. Following a life dedicated to being a self-promoted ‘Jewish specialist’, he was executed for war crimes against humanity.

James-Douglas,-4th-Earl-of-2 June 1581 – James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton
Who could have seen it? That James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton would be executed by the very contraption he purchased. Douglas was once a powerful Scot, if not the most powerful, as he was Regent to a very young James VI.

Barbara-Graham3 June 1955 – Barbara Graham
‘Why waste good food on me? Give it to someone who can enjoy it,’ snarled Bloody Babs as she prepared to come face to face with her maker. Drug-addicted prostitute Barbara Graham, born Barbara Elaine Wood had been convicted of murder in America.

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