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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 38)

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With news just in that 10 November 2009 has been set for the execution of John Allen Muhammad, the man found guilty of the Washington sniper attacks, we head back in time to learn the fate of another band of infamous villains.

17 September 1915 – Augusto Roggen
Augusto Alfredo Roggen was executed in the Tower of London during the 1914–18 First World War. Roggen (or maybe Roggin), originally from Montevideo in Uruguay, was accused of spying for the Germans. And the Brits were onto him.

18 September 1959 – Harvey Murray Glatman
Death by cyanide poisoning was the way US serial killer Harvey Murray Glatman went for a litany of crimes against females. AKA, the ‘Lonely Hearts Killer, Glatman went on a frenzied rampage raping and killing women in LA, tying them up so they couldn’t resist then taking photos so he could capture the moments.

19 September 1692 – Giles Corey
In the grip of the Salem Witch trials, Giles Corey was sentenced to be squashed to death in 1692. The naked 80-year-old was laid down and covered with a board, then stones were heaped on top until the life was crushed out of him. Corey was the one and only man in Massachusetts to be killed in this way.

20 September 1586 – Anthony Babington
It’s about time we had a bit of Elizabethan intrigue to spice up September. Who better to beef things up than Anthony Babington, who brings subterfuge along in spades. The Derbyshire gent headed up a seditious plot to overthrow the then Queen of England in favour of his Catholic benefactor, Mary Stuart.

21 September 1739 – Thomas Lympus
If you thought Crimestoppers was a relatively new initiative, think again. In 1739, an Act of Parliament granted you £200 if you were able to bring in any highway robbers. It may not sound like much nowadays, but £200 was a small fortune in those days. So imagine if the Postmaster General of the day offered to raise that reward by a further £200 – that gives you some idea of how much they wanted our next bloke.

22 September 1692 – Martha Corey
Victim of the Salem witch trials in America, Martha Corey was executed for daring to speak out against a set of young girls. The 17th-century witch trials took place in the Puritanical heartland of America’s north-eastern state of New England. Groups of young girls in Massachusetts were to accuse many members of the townships of witchcraft in what can only be called mass hysteria.

23 September 2003 – Joseph Earl Bates
‘I haven’t really give (sic) it any thought’ said Joseph Earl Bates when asked for his last words. Amazing really when you find out that Bates had sat stewing for 13 years on North Carolina’s death row, waiting to be extinguished for the brutal murder of Charles Edwin Jenkins.

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