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6 January 1995 – Angel Mou Pui-Peng

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Angel Mou Pui-Peng

Angel Mou Pui-Peng’s execution was rescheduled to this day in 1995 following a poignant display of Christmas spirit. A stay of execution was granted to allow her to spend Christmas with her nine-year-old son.

Done for drug trafficking, the 25-year-old single mother was able to have her final Christmas with her family in Singapore.


Pui-Peng had been found with 9lbs of heroin after she got off a plane from Bangkok. She was found guilty and sentenced to die – her execution had been scheduled to take place at Changi prison on 23 December. Pui-Peng was finally hanged before dawn on 6 January 1995, and became the third woman to hang under Singapore’s anti-drug laws.

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25 October 2005 – Willie Williams

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Willie Williams

Willie Williams

The only high was the body count after a coke dealer lost the plot in a turf war, which earned him the death penalty on this day in 2005. The set-to between two rival sets of dealers left four dead and one executed in Ohio.

William (Willie) Williams felt compelled to wipe out his competition in 1991, after he found that some dealers had moved in on his patch following a leave of absence.

Cherry picking

With the help of his girlfriend Jessica Cherry, her brother Dominic and one other, Williams targeted the rival’s home and managed to bring down four men after then were bound and gagged before being strangled and shot. opposition dealers.

But the killer didn’t bank on one of his cohorts giving themselves in and that’s precisely what his girl’friend’s brother did. As a result of Dominic Cherry’s actions, the other killers got arrested, however Williams managed to escape.

Cherry picking

You see, he’d been there before. The ringleader had already done time for dealing, indeed he is believed to have previously murdered another 10 people in amongst all his other dodgy dealings.

So while the supporting cast of youngsters all pleaded guilty to being accessories, old Williams decided to brazen it out by denying the charges of murder. What was he thinking?

It was hardly surprising that, given his previous and the not-guilty stance, Williams paid the ultimate price when Ohio doled out the death penalty.

As a result and despite appeals, Williams was hooked up to his killer gurney to receive his lethal dose, aged 48.

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19 June 2001 – Juan Garza

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Juan GarzaDrugs’ll kill ya, so Juan Garza found out the hard way today 2001, just days after mass-murderer Timothy McVeigh kicked the bucket.

Dope fiend

A mass-murderer too, Garza’s motives were different – he was fuelled by lust for drug money. Having set up a trafficking ring for the supply of marijuana, he seemed to stop at nothing to preserve his illegal narcotics network.

His tidy and lucrative potted industry started to go up in smoke, however, when he started to suspect that people privy to insider information were grassing him up to the police. So the bloodbath ensued in a bid to shut people up once and for all.

Rumbo V

His victims included a drug smuggler named de la Fuente, an accomplice by the name of Gilberto Matos and Thomas Rumbo, who was shot in the head, then four more times to be sure.

Five more murders are said to have taken place, including his own son-in-law’s, but the police hauled him in specifically for the three named above.

Garza stripped

His violent past came out and Indiana came down hard on the drugs baron. Garza was stripped of his right to life for the multiple murders. But there is controversy as to the briefing of the jury.

The prosecutor is said to have wrongly informed the jury that Garza could be eligible for parole, which may have deterred them from awarding a life sentence. However, in actual fact, Garza could well have been awarded a parole-less term of life imprisonment. Yet, without this key knowledge, the jury may not have realised that this was a possible sentencing option.

Indeed President Clinton doled out two stays of execution for Garza during his tenure, but Bush, on the other hand, remained hard-line to the end.

Ironically, drugs were used to kill Garza – he died by lethal injection and met his end a repentant man. His last words acknowledge the tragic circumstances: ‘I apologise for all the pain and grief that I caused. I ask for your forgiveness and God bless’.

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4 June 1999 – Dole Chadee

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Dole ChadeeDrugs and death earned Caribbean crime lord Dole Chadee his premature end on this day in 1999.

He was executed in for a string of murders. But those killings were ultimately linked to his prolific network of drugs trafficking and distribution around Trinidad and Tobago, for which he was never held to task.


Chadee was originally called Nankissoon Boodram, so it comes as no surprise that he reinvented himself under a new catchier name and with that came a whole new, sinister persona.

He took to drugs and his empire burgeoned and some even say he was untouchable, right up until his downfall, which came when he decided to sanction a contract killing after a boy allegedly tricked him.


The deadly drugs baron ordered the boy and his family to be gunned down in their home, and this callous act prompted the authorities to hoik Chadee and his gang in for murder.

Damning evidence ensured that the criminal collective were found guilty of murder and the men were all strung up over the course of a weekend, kicked off by Chadee himself, who was hanged on the Friday in the Port of Spain in the Caribbean.

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