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Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 13)

Posted in Death penalty with tags , , on March 26 by Last Writes

There are lots of lust-filled crimes this week. But sadly we’re quite light on pictures mainly because most of the cases we’ve featured date back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

But one picture we do have is for a big hitter. Judy Buenoano, the infamous serial killing arsenic addict has already proven a popular post. She’s is currently bubbling under in the top 10 most popular posts on Execution of the Day. So give her a boost by checking out her poisonous ways.

Other lusty individuals include a nefarious niece, hell-bent on bumping off her uncle for his money and a murderous meddler who coveted her best friend’s hubbie.

26 March 1796 – Thomas Brown, John Horton and James Nightingale
It was a busy day in Stafford Prison when three men were sent to the gallows for their crimes on this day in the 18th century.

27 March 1866 – Charles Bentley
The second to last public hanging in Stafford took place today in 1866. And it was reserved for a soldier.

28 March 1752 – Elizabeth Jeffries Illicit lust plus avarice make for great motives in a murder case. Elizabeth Jeffries stood accused of masterminding the killing of her uncle, Joseph Jeffries, with the help of her green-fingered lover and another servant.

29 March 1904 – James Clarkson
A 12-year-old girl was the victim of a senseless crime just four years into the 20th century. Elizabeth Mary Lynas was killed for reasons unknown. She was last seen leaving church one evening, but she was never to return home.

Judy Buenoano30 March 1998 – Judy Buenoano
Be careful who you love – especially if she goes under an alias. We are, of course, talking about Judias ‘Judy’ Buenoano or Judias Welty, Judias Goodyear and Judias Morris, for these are the known aliases for an arsenic poisoner.

Mariette Bosch31 March 2001 – Mariette Bosch
Another woman’s husband apparently brought out the murderess in Mariette Sonjaleen Bosch. So what that he was married to her best friend, Bosch’s love for him prompted her to bump off his wife and bag him for herself.

1 April 1872 – Williams Frederick Horry
If she can’t live with him and he can’t live without her, what’s a couple to do? Bump her off; at least that’s what William Horry thought.

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