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Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 13)

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There are lots of lust-filled crimes this week. But sadly we’re quite light on pictures mainly because most of the cases we’ve featured date back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

But one picture we do have is for a big hitter. Judy Buenoano, the infamous serial killing arsenic addict has already proven a popular post. She’s is currently bubbling under in the top 10 most popular posts on Execution of the Day. So give her a boost by checking out her poisonous ways.

Other lusty individuals include a nefarious niece, hell-bent on bumping off her uncle for his money and a murderous meddler who coveted her best friend’s hubbie.

26 March 1796 – Thomas Brown, John Horton and James Nightingale
It was a busy day in Stafford Prison when three men were sent to the gallows for their crimes on this day in the 18th century.

27 March 1866 – Charles Bentley
The second to last public hanging in Stafford took place today in 1866. And it was reserved for a soldier.

28 March 1752 – Elizabeth Jeffries Illicit lust plus avarice make for great motives in a murder case. Elizabeth Jeffries stood accused of masterminding the killing of her uncle, Joseph Jeffries, with the help of her green-fingered lover and another servant.

29 March 1904 – James Clarkson
A 12-year-old girl was the victim of a senseless crime just four years into the 20th century. Elizabeth Mary Lynas was killed for reasons unknown. She was last seen leaving church one evening, but she was never to return home.

Judy Buenoano30 March 1998 – Judy Buenoano
Be careful who you love – especially if she goes under an alias. We are, of course, talking about Judias ‘Judy’ Buenoano or Judias Welty, Judias Goodyear and Judias Morris, for these are the known aliases for an arsenic poisoner.

Mariette Bosch31 March 2001 – Mariette Bosch
Another woman’s husband apparently brought out the murderess in Mariette Sonjaleen Bosch. So what that he was married to her best friend, Bosch’s love for him prompted her to bump off his wife and bag him for herself.

1 April 1872 – Williams Frederick Horry
If she can’t live with him and he can’t live without her, what’s a couple to do? Bump her off; at least that’s what William Horry thought.

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Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 12)

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19 March 1913 – Edward Palmer
A scrap of paper and the whispered words ‘My fiancé did it’ were enough to send Edward Palmer down for murder. Palmer, known to his friends as Ted, was hanged for viciously slitting the throat of Ada James after she reacted angrily to news that he was going to find his fortune in the West Indies.

giuseppe-zangara20 March 1933 – Giuseppe Zangara
Italian immigrant Giuseppe Zangara was sent to the electric chair for trying to kill the American President. Having travelled over from Italy to find his fortune in America, he was hit by the depression of the 1920s and early ‘30s.

thomas-cranmer21 March 1556 – Thomas Cranmer
homas Cranmer was a wily old dog. He was pretty in touch with the changing world under the Tudors…that is until his luck finally ran dry. Cranmer was executed on this day in 1556, for his support of Lady Jane Grey against Mary I.

hans-kohlhase22 March 1540 – Hans Kohlhase
Vengeance fuelled the lawless activities of Hans Kohlhase in Renaissance Germany. He felt let down by the law in Saxony so he decided to wreck his revenge on the area that had seen his spectacular demise…whilst wearing a cool hat and cape combo!

john-d-lee23 March 1877 – John D. Lee
John Doyle Lee a Latter-day Saint in the eyes of the Mormons, was put in front of a firing squad for his role in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. His Mormon group was fiercely protective of its territory and that turned out to be very bad news for the Fancher–Baker party.

24 March 1908 – Robert Lawman & Joseph Noble
Lawman and Noble hardly lived up to their names as they were both executed for murder on this day in 1908.

25 March 1981 – Hoyt Franklin Clines, James William Holmes and Darryl Richley
In a bid to scrimp and save money, Arkansas bumped off a trio of men on this day in 1981. All this took place, despite their valiant efforts to plead the Sixth Amendment.

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Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 11)

Posted in Death penalty with tags , , on March 12 by Old Sparky

So, who do we have for you in this week’s daily dose of death? Well, we have a truly international flavour this week with all the cases coming from across the Pond or Europe, with a Filipino to represent the Far East.

Save for a Medieval knight from the Middle Ages, the rest have, perhaps shockingly, all taken place in the last 40 or so years, with the last one as recent as 2000.

To add to that, we also have some history makers this week. The last person to be executed in America before they abolished it in 1976, albeit temporarily, is coming up.

France offers up two cases in the shape of a failed French assassin who was unable to kill a president despite pumping out hundreds of bullets, plus a fried soldier who slow-burned at the stake, despite having built a reputation on his involvement in the then lauded Holy Wars.

Talking of notoriety, not a week seems to go by without a serial killer, and this week’s no different. Well, maybe a little, because there is not one, but two, with one depraved example actually hunting his prey in a pack of four.

And here’s a thought for the week. Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned, but you might want to leg it if you see one coming towards you in a truck, Olga Hepnarová stylee.

jean-bastien-thiry11 March 1963 – Jean Bastien-Thiry
They say there’s a bullet out there with your name on it. Well French President Charles de Gaulle had over 200 fired at him and he managed to evade them all. Jean Bastien-Thiry was completely set on killing when he oversaw a plot to murder the then President.

olga-hepnarova12 March 1975 – Olga Hepnarová
Mad at the world and her family Olga Hepnarová took her revenge out on some innocent commuters. Full of bitter hatred, Hepnarová steamrollered a truck over a crowd of about 25 people who were waiting for a tram in Prague. What a cow!

steven-morin13 March 1985 – Stephen Morin
It took 40 minutes to find a vein to inject serial rapist and killer, Stephen Peter Morin with his killer injection on this day in 1985. He’d been found guilty of raping and killing three women. But that was just the surface of a whole ream of crimes.

ponchai-wilkerson14 March 2000 – Ponchai Wilkerson
Give him his dues, Ponchai Kamau Wilkerson did his level best to evade execution on this day in 2000. He had been found guilty of armed robbery and murder and while banged up he tried to escape, which failed so he took a warder hostage.

victor-feguer15 March 1963 – Victor Feguer
Victor Harry Feguer made his name as the last person to be executed in America before it was banned as a sentence until 1976. He remains the last person to be put to death in Iowa after he was found guilty of killing a doctor, possibly in the fruitless pursuit of drugs.

andrew-kokoraleis16 March 1999 – Andrew Kokoraleis
As many as 18 women – that’s how many victims the Chicago Rippers were said to have targeted. And Andrew Kokoraleis paid for his bloodlust on this day in 1999. He was one of a depraved quartet of cannibalistic men who’d target young women, torturing them, gang raping them and stabbing them.

flor-contemplacion17 March 1995 – Flor Contemplacion
42-year-old mother of four, Flor R Contemplacion was executed in Singapore for an apparent double murder. Originally from the Philippines, Contemplacion worked as a domestic servant who was accused of strangling a fellow Filipino woman.

jacques-de-molay18 March 1314 – Jacques de Molay
The last man to lead the Medieval Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay from Burgundy was cooked slowly from the bottom up today in 1314. The Frenchman was burned at the stake along with a mate for, well, we’re not really sure what for.

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Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 10)

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OK, so last week, we gave you a new post to satiate your search for executions of the day.

This week, alongside the year’s latest instalment of the criminal collective, we have not just one new executee, nor two, but 40 no less.

For this week hosts a feast day in honour and remembrance of 40 Orthodox saints who were executed in a most unorthodox way.

Oh, and of course here are the other usual suspects too.

louis-lepke-buchalter4 March 1944 – Louis ‘Lepke’ Buchalter
Ruthless racketeer and murderous mobster Louis ‘Lepke’ Buchalter was sent to the chair and fried today in 1944. Buchalter made his name on the violent streets of 1930s’ New York and was probably one of the highest profile catches the police made.

lena-baker5 March 1945 – Lena Baker
Lena Baker was fried on this day following a life devoted to turning tricks in a bid to make ends meet. Baker’s life was one of hardship. Born into an African American family of cotton pickers, Baker’s family struggled to make a living.

6 March 1912 – Myer Abramovich
Debt-ridden fruit and veg man Myer Abramovich killed then torched a restaurant-owning couple on their premises to cover up his crimes.

sarah-malcolm7 March 1733 – Sarah Malcolm
Sarah Malcolm was the last person society expected to come face to face with the hangman’s noose on this day in 1733. Born into a middle-class family in Durham, she was the epitome of respectability but she was forced to earn her crust after her dad wasted the family fortune.

martha-beck8 March 1951 – Martha Beck
‘A 200lb figure of wrath’ Martha Beck had to be wedged into Old Sparky when it was found she was too big to sit in the electric chair on this day 1951. She was executed for mass murder at Sing Sing in the States along with her partner.

timothy-evans-29 March 1950 – Timothy Evans
Poor old Timothy Evans. First his missus is killed by the guy downstairs. Then the guy downstairs gives evidence against him in court. Then he’s hanged for the crime. Unfortunately for Tim the guy downstairs was serial sadist John Reginald Halliday Christie.

roy-hog-roberts10 March 1999 – Roy ‘Hog’ Roberts
Even a lie detector test couldn’t sway the governor of Missouri to let Roy ‘Hog’ Roberts off his crimes. So Roberts got a lethal injection even though he may have been innocent of his crimes. But it’s too late to say that now.

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