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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 21)

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Everyone loves a bit of infamy and this week we’ve got it in spades.

From mass murderers to serial killers, and regicidal to suicidal maniacs, it’s all happening.

In fact it’s so good, we’ve had to ditch fiesty, old Margaret Pole in our weekly round-up. She was axed thanks to a dodgy indictment of treason against her cousin Henry VIII, while our chosen Frenchman went quite a few steps further and assassinated the king of France.

So without further preamble, we’ll let you get on with it.

Emile Henry 21 May 1894 – Emile Henry
A Frenchman lost his head in pursuit of pure anarchy today in 1894.

Emile Henry went to guillotine after he bombed a station, killing one person and injuring 20 more.

22 May 1538 – John Forrest
A friar fried today in 1538 for daring to denounce moves to make the king head of the Church.

And that king was none other than Henry VIII…

William Kidd 23 May 1701 – William Kidd
Not just a cool pub in the heartland of the East End, William ‘Captain’ Kidd was alleged to have been a pirate.

He was hanged for his misdemeanours just minutes from where the drinking house in his honour is now situated.

Jonathan Wild 24 May 1725 – Jonathan Wild
Our next offender was the muse for many a playwright and author after he pillaged his way through the first part of the 18th century.

For Jonathan Wild led a double life, respectable lawman as well as the first known organised criminal in Britain.

Marcel Petiot 25 May 1946 – Marcel Petiot
You’d think there was enough bloodshed rife in Nazi-infested France during World War II.

Obviously not for Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot, who decided Paris was in dire need of a spot of serial killing.

John Richard Blackwelder 26 May 2004 – John Richard Blackwelder
Imagine you’ve got your heart set on the death penalty, but you’re stuck with parole-less life instead. How are you meant to go all the way? You kill a fellow convict, of course – at least that was Florida prisoner John Richard Blackwelder’s not-so bright idea.

Francois Ravaillac27 May 1610 – François Ravaillac
May’s obviously a popular month to bump off world leaders.

And hanging was considered way too quick for today’s candidate – a regicide no less.

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