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31 July 1919 – Thomas Foster

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Thomas Foster got it in the neck after he was done for murder.

Sadly his victim may have lived had she not caved in. His wife Minnie had applied for a court order to separate on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour for Foster was forever getting drunk and abusive.

Unfortunately for her, Minnie fatefully retracted it after he grovelled his way back into her life with promises of better behaviour.

However, the acrimonious marriage got worse until Foster finally silenced his wife once and for all when he slit her throat.

Fair cop

Her preceding screams drew attention to the event and Foster was apprehended straight away. Yet that didn’t stop him trying to wheedle his way out of blame by saying she had driven him to it.

No-one was buying such defence and he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.

John Ellis and Edward Taylor did the honours on this day in 1919 and the 46-year-old was hanged in Pentonville.

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