Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 27)

Peter-Kürten2 July 1931 – Peter Kürten
The Vampire of Düsseldorf got it in the neck on 2 July 1931.

Although he first killed in 1913, it was sexual sadist Peter Kürten’s murderous spree at the end of the 1920s that sent shockwaves around Germany.

3 July 1936 – Saburo Aizawa

From ‘you’re fired’ to the firing squad in less than a year. When General Tetsuzan Nagata dismissed Japanese soldier Saburo Aizawa from active duty in August 1935 the disgruntled Lieutenant Colonel took the ultimate revenge on the boss who’d sacked him.

4 July 1597 – Henry Abbot
Bait was used to lure Henry Abbott to his death in the 16th century. And with a name like Abbott, it seems fitting that his crime was religion-based.

A Yorkshire man by birth, Abbott was a Catholic convert at a time when England was in the grip of the Reformation – a break away from Roman Catholicism towards the establishment of the Church of England and Protestantism.

Harold-Joseph-Pringle5 July 1945 – Harold Joseph Pringle
The only Canadian to be executed for military crimes during WW2 died on this day 1945. Private Harold Pringle was a good soldier who served in the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment of the Canadian Army.

Sir-Thomas-More6 July 1535 – Sir Thomas More
Saint (or Sir, depending on who you ask) Thomas More was a writer, lawyer and politician who became a close personal advisor to Henry VIII. He had several high-profile jobs during his varied career including Speaker of the House of Commons and Lord Chancellor.

Lincoln-Conspirators7 July 1865 – the Lincoln Conspirators
lthough the man who actually shot Abraham Lincoln was killed while on the run, the rest of his gang met their demise side-by-side in Washington DC. Triggerman John Wilkes-Booth had originally only intended to kidnap Lincoln and to use his hostage to bargain for the release of prisoners of the American Civil War.

Allen-Lee-Davis8 July 1999 – Allen Lee Davis
Allen Lee ‘Tiny’ Davis was on parole for armed-robbery when he turned up at the Jacksonville home of the Weiler family and attacked pregnant mother of two Nancy.

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