3 July 1936 – Saburo Aizawa

From ‘you’re fired’ to the firing squad in less than a year.

When General Tetsuzan Nagata dismissed Japanese soldier Saburo Aizawa from active duty in August 1935 the disgruntled Lieutenant Colonel took the ultimate revenge on the boss who’d sacked him.

Blade of glory

Aizawa, the son of a Samurai warrior and a champion fencer himself, followed Nagata back into his office and assassinated the then Director of Military Affairs with his sword.

During his high-profile trial, Aizawa claimed his former superior had become enamoured of everything the army despised and he was following his father’s teachings to revere the Emperor by killing him.

Hailed a hero in Japan the 46-year-old was executed by firing squad in 1936.

Also on this day

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