18 September 1959 – Harvey Murray Glatman

Harvey Murray Glatman

Harvey Murray Glatman

Death by cyanide poisoning was the way US serial killer Harvey Murray Glatman went for a litany of crimes against females.

AKA, the ‘Lonely Hearts Killer, Glatman went on a frenzied rampage raping and killing women in LA, tying them up so they couldn’t resist then taking photos so he could capture the moments.

Indeed he would lure his victims by trawling model agencies and blagging he worked for low-end magazines. Suckered, the girls would come willingly to his flat where the horrors unfolded.

His first victim was Judith Ann Dull, a 19-year-old divorcee. He repeated raped her then drove her out to a remote spot, where he trussed her – tying one end of the rope round her neck and the other round her ankles. He then callously yanked the rope up so it literally snapped her back in half.

Revealing photos

He then proceeded to take photos and, according to trutv.com reporter, Joseph Geringer, one serial killer psychologist Dr Keppel felt it was these photos that revealed his true inner being. ‘That a human being could so reveal the depths of his own weakness and feelings of insignificance through photographs was something investigators had not seen before.’

But his serial killing days were finally cut short thanks to his fourth would-be victim who’s spunky retaliation finally nailed him, all because she fought back, unlike the others.

After a struggle, she managed to grapple her way out of the car, and it was while Glatman was trying to drag her back into his car that a police car swung by. That was the beginning of the end and he was finally caught and his crimes surfaced.

Having been found guilty, he was gassed with cyanide and it took him 12 agonising minutes to die at San Quentin Prison, aged 31.

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