17 November 2005 – Elias Syriani

Elias Syriani

Elias Syriani

At 67, Elias Syriani Elias Hanna Syriani was one of the oldest people to be executed in America since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.

He was convicted if the 1990 murder of his wife, Teresa Yousef Syriani, in North Carolina. He stabbed his estranged wife 28 times with a screwdriver as she sat in their car with their 10-year-old son trying to stop his dad.

She managed to survive for 28 days after the attack, but a witness said that she looked like she’d been shot with buckshot. The Jerusalem-born immigrant was executed by lethal injection.

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One Response to “17 November 2005 – Elias Syriani”

  1. K. Bandell Says:

    The critical issues about this case – that is, the reconciliation between father and surviving children and their impassioned efforts to save his life – are elements of the history of Mister Syriani which both can and should not be either dismissed or forgotten. What ultimately became and remained triumphant were the power of forgiveness and its empowering sequelae. In peace.

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