16 November 1998 – Kenneth McDuff


Kenneth McDuff

Kenneth McDuff

Freed from one death sentence, Kenneth McDuff was unleashed, allowing him to go on another brutal killing spree.


McDuff was born in central Texas and began his life showing signs of antisocial behaviour. He was a bully, unless his victims stood up for themselves, in which case he would back off.

He went to work with his father and when he wasn’t doing that he was out boozing, fighting, womanizing. He was also into burglary, and in 1965 he was sent to prison on 14 separate counts of it.

In cold blood

Cruising with 18-year-old named Roy Dale Green on August 6, 1966, they abducted Robert Brand, 17 who was teaching his girlfriend, Edna Louise Sullivan, 16, to drive with his cousin, Marcus Dunnam, 15.

The pair locked them in the boots of the two cars and drove to a secluded area where McDuff shot the boys in the head as they knelt in the boot. They then turned on Sullivan and raped her several times and also with a broken broom handle.

She was then forced to her knees and while Green held her down McDuff gradually strangled Sullivan with the broomstick. The next day, Green confessed, and he and McDuff were arrested. Green received a lesser sentence in exchange for shopping his partner in crime.

McDuff on the other hand was sentenced to die for the murder of Robert Brand. He won parole in 1989 and on release he turned to drugs, crime and prostitutes. He was seen in October 1991 driving through a roadblock in Waco.

Witnesses saw a female passenger trying to kick out the windshield, but the car was never stopped. The victim turned out to be 37-year-old prostitute Brenda Thompson, who was never seen alive again. She was followed closely by another prostitute, 22-year-old Reginia ‘Gina’ Moore who also vanished.

Just two months later, McDuff and an alcoholic mate Alva Hank Worley targeted Colleen Reed, a 28-year-old accountant, washing her car. McDuff abducted her and again witnesses called the police. But it was too late. She was raped by both men. McDuff is said to have hit her so hard that her bones broke. When she was unconscious or dead, McDuff dropped Worley off before ditching Reed’s body.

After that and so far undetected, McDuff had briefly held a job at a supermarket where he took a fancy to the wife of Aaron Northrup, 22-year-old Melissa who promptly disappeared. A month later, her body turned up in a gravel pit near where her car had been found. Her hands and feet had been tied and she was probably strangled. She’d been two months pregnant at the time.

The body of another prostitute called Valencia Kay Joshua also turned up and both could be connected to McDuff. So he legged it to Kansas City, Missouri where he became a binman. But by then the Texan police force were on to him and his mugshot appeared on ‘America’s Most Wanted’.

Of course a fellow binman recognised him and shopped him to the police. He was first sentenced to die for Melissa Northrup’s murder, then Colleen Reed’s body-less murder on the basis that they’d found five of her hairs in his car. While in prison he revealed the location of three other murders and the corpses were located. McDuff was pumped full of lethal drugs just after 6pm at the Huntsville prison in 1998.

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7 Responses to “16 November 1998 – Kenneth McDuff”

  1. john thompson Says:

    Kenneth mcduff killed my fathers cousin robert brand

  2. Karen Says:

    I just read about this horrible man. What a waste of human flesh he was. Too bad they didn’t let him die slowly and painfully from liver disease instead of ending it quickly. My heart goes out to all his victims families, he was the devil incarnate.

  3. This worthless man killed my son’s grandmother Mellissa Northrup. This sorry man was a waste of God’s creation.

    • tera Says:

      I read the book about him. It did not mention Robert Brand. I am sorry for your loss. The state of Texas should have been held accountable for his release. So many people suffered because of this inbred POS.

  4. Jimmy Williford Says:

    My parents were good friends with Robert Brands parents in Alvarado Texas in 1966, and wentto the house the evening of them finding there body’s in the trunk of the car in a field in Burleson Texas. This total waste of a human being should of died in 1968 for the murders of Robert, his Cousin and Roberts Girlfriend. Then to get off Death row and to kill again were totally unforgiveable!!!!

  5. Anne Fisher Says:

    I read the book and can not even begin to imagine the horror these women felt. It is hard for me to believe that there are people like him. A true sociopath with no feeling for others. I do not believe in th death pentaity ,yet even on his way out, on the table ,he showed no remorce anh his last wordes said it all : i’m ready to be released, release me:. What a statement. I;am glad he is not alive,

  6. Sik_of_ the justice_system Says:

    After his sentence was commuted from death-row initially, the state had a duty NOT to allow anyone in that category to be released,EVER!
    When the state released that piece of shit from prison after the 1st death penalty conviction, the state violated the civil rights of the victims from that date, and the state along with the members of the parole board should be held accountable to the victims & their families.
    Texas seems to more like a separate country that does things half-ass backwards from the other 49 states. Just look at all the laws on the books in Texas, you’ll be amazed.
    Texas is the only place in the United States that has released a death-row inmate only to have them kill again ,and then sentenced to death a second time.
    There are those who are fully aware of what they do and are not under psychiatric care with medications that may rule their feelings and moods and McDuff was one. Every single second that was hurting someone, He knew it !
    Those like that, who do the things he did, should be given an immense dose of pain before giving them the needle of death.
    Why give them relief on the way out. Give some sense of relief to the victims families by letting them know that the Fucking prick suffered.

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