17 July 1996 – John Joubert

John Joubert

John Joubert

Child-killer John J Joubert felt the full wrath of Nebraska today in 1996 after he was executed for double murder.

At an early age he discovered a predilection for bullying, perhaps fuelled by a pure hatred for his mum. He discovered that he derived sexual kicks from hurting people, which led to two unsolicited attacks on youngsters, for which he was never caught.


Soon enough he turned to more serious crimes where he would torture then force his two young victims to strip before he stabbed them viciously to death. He was eventually charged with Danny Eberle and Christopher Walden’s murders. However, Richard Stetson may well have been his first.

Damning sightings of his car, plus rope used in one of the crimes linked our man to the bodies of the two boys and ensured that Joubert was found guilty of killing Eberle and Walden.

And for his unsavoury endeavours, he earned the ultimate penalty.

Fight for life

However, Joubert wasn’t going down without an all-mighty fight. Nebraska, up until recently, was the only US state left using electrocution as a dispatch method, and Joubert put his best efforts into securing an appeal based on violation of his rights, prompted by the inhumanity of Old Sparky.

Yet his arguments wouldn’t wash ‘because Joubert failed to prove that the Board’s conduct, proceedings, or makeup violated a constitutionally protected right’, according to findings from the Court of Appeals.

As a result, a date with the chair had electrifying results, including a ‘4-inch brain blister’, plus two more either side of his 33-year-old head, according to Wikipedia.

Did you know?
This case may well have got the state thinking because roughly 12 years on, Nebraska may be on the brink of ditching the penalty. It currently has no active law, due to a 2008 Nebraska Supreme Court ruling that declared the use of electrocution conflicts with State constitution.

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11 Responses to “17 July 1996 – John Joubert”

  1. I think he should not have been executed he should a been let out ‘coz the murder in MAINE was BEFORE the ones in nebraska which meant THAT SENTENCE should have taken PRIMACY over the Nebraska sentence. I think the governors committed a felony by sending him back for execution, he woulda been 47 this year. anyways. interesting looks coulda competed with john travolta or brad pitt in the movie scene if he’d had the support and love he needed, pure american, hard workin kid who put himself through highschool and got treated like shit, good lookin too, but that didn’t help him … it just shows. so there.

  2. Wow, the sniveling never ceases to amaze me. I was 17 when this filth was doing the devils work only 25 miles from where I lived. Maine never caught him, they let him slip through and he came to Nebraska and murdered Christopher and Danny. Say what you will, this bastard is in hell and hasn’t murdered another child since.

  3. mike venter Says:

    We know what to do to rabid animals like him in Nebraska, you freak Willem. You are correct, (strange, I know) about one thing. They should have just let him out. Hell, we would have given him a five minute running start. He still never would have made it out of the prison parking lot alive.

  4. Shannon Says:

    I’m glad that son of a bitch is dead. Anyone who hurts an innocent child should die. A child that has been abused should really know how bad it feels and with any conscience whatsoever would NEVER want another person to hurt in that way. I am a bleeding heart liberal, but when it comes to hurting children, pedophiles are worthless and not worth saving scum of the earth.

    I lived in the neighborhood right across the farm where this animal dumped a body. Horrifying to say the least the fear that every mother in our community shared. I was only about 9 or 10

  5. he was sexy anyway ❤

  6. “Anyone who hurts an innocent child should die …” Shannon, you are God? who you believe yourself that you are for to remove the life to a person or to say that he should die? if 75% of the psychopaths of the world is in USA is for the blame of your rotten society, without humanity and without values, you have created monsters like John Joubert so that now you believe yourself with right of deciding about the life and the death.

    • pattymackeyhinemangolden Says:


      • michail schugin Says:

        only GOD has this right.and if GOD not finish a life all other is a crime

  7. I lived in bellevue at this time I was 12. He kill my friend and in the fashion he killed I was glad to get the news he was dead!! My youth was filled with terror that I could be killed like my friend!! The death penalty is not used enough. Imaging for a moment the fear me and my class mates felt during this time!!! Today the thoughts of this man stalking us haunts me!!!!

  8. pattymackeyhinemangolden Says:


  9. Jeanette Says:

    I was very young when this happened & only 2 hrs from where I grew up! I don’t remember the story but recently read the book; “A Need To Kill” & the book haunts me! I can’t imagine the pain/terror that this…(I don’t wanna say “man” cuz that he was not; so I’ll call it like it is)…monster caused in the lives of the victims, their families, & the community where he hunted these innocent children! Also I wanna say that I believe that his punishment fit his crime but he never should have gotten as many yrs in prison as he did! He lived off of the Nebraska tax payers for way to long & his sentence should have been carried out much sooner than it accually was! I am very proud of my state for executing this monster & stopping him from hurting more children or anyone for that matter! I believe that the death sentence needs to be put back into our justic system! If a person kills another person in such a manner as this monster, he deserves to die in the same manner! Maybe we should have stripped him of his clothes & taped his hands, feet & mouth and did to him what he did to Danny & Chris! That seems fair to me!

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