12 July 2005 – Robert Dale Conklin

Robert Dale Conklin

Robert Dale Conklin

Things escalated after ex-con Robert Dale Conklin’s lover couldn’t take no for an answer. Conklin was executed on this day in 2005 after he killed the man in his life, George Crooks.

Screw you

Apparently Crooks was feeling randy and tried to get Conklin to have sex. Conklin refused and they playfully started wrestling, but then things started to turn nasty. They ended up hitting each other and that’s when Conklin grabbed a screwdriver and plunged it into Crooks several times, according to Medical Examiner Saleh Zaki. He then bore it deep into Crooks’ ear – even admitting that he’d ‘wiggled it around’.

Body of evidence

Faced with his lifeless lover, the dilemma was how to get rid of the body of evidence? Cleaning fluid and some cutting action later and the blood was pretty much cleaned off – Crooks, on the other hand, lay in the bath, chopped into a multitude of little bits.

That was enough for one night so Conklin slept on it, went to work, even invited some mates back to his, even while his dismembered ex was hogging the bathtub.


When the friends had gone, bits of Crooks got shoved down the waste disposal, but the majority were bagged up and dumped in the outside bins. That done, Conklin thought he was home and dry.

Can of worms

However, Conklin hadn’t banked on a keen recycler sifting through the rubbish for tin cans. The environmental friend found more than he bargained for after he came across the festering body parts. Needless to say, the next morning, the Illinois police force was crawling all over the place.


Conklin managed to give them the slip but was soon apprehended in Florida. Sure enough he was soon banged up and he was given the death penalty, after it transpired that he wasn’t new to crime. He’d been on parole for armed robbery at the time of the murder.

Despite a defence that said he was only protecting himself from being raped, Conklin was found guilty of murder and Georgia doled out the death penalty.

According to Associated Press, his final word was ‘goodbye’, which he addressed to a mate – Sherri Parker – who was sitting with the spectators. This he uttered as the lethal drugs started to flow and soon after he was pronounced dead, aged 44.

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