27 May 1994 – Charles Rodman Campbell

A rapist was paroled six years into a 30-year sentence only to murder his victim on release. Charles Rodman Campbell craftily bided his time and played the good little inmate only to revert to type when he was set free.

He’d originally been charged with forcing himself on Renae Wicklund and for holding a knife to her 8-month-old baby while he raped her. She and her neighbour testified against him and as a result he was put away for what should have been a lengthy sentence. Sadly it was commuted for good behaviour and Washiington agreed to let him loose. Unleashed, Campbell wasted no time in tracking Wicklund down and slashing her, her child and a neighbour’s throats in a reprisal for their original, damning testimonies.

Campbell’s was the second hanging in 30 years and he refused to cooperate, petulantly but understandably declining to get up off the floor in the run-up to his execution. According to the ‘New York Times’, he wouldn’t stand up, so Washington’s hangmen had to strap him to a board before they could fasten the noose around his neck. Despite a frenzied desire to hang onto life in the run-up, when the actual time came, Campbell died without much of a struggle, aged 39.

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2 Responses to “27 May 1994 – Charles Rodman Campbell”

  1. S.E. Tanner Says:

    I was there the night this waste of flesh committed this crime- my sister was his next door neighbor. I hope he is rotting in hell as we speak.

  2. why cant I find the video of his execution? I would really like to see it.

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