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17 January 2006 – Clarence Ray Allen

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Clarence Ray Allen

It was ‘a good day to die’ according to blind and disabled Clarence Ray Allen in a statement read out after he’d been given a lethal injection for murder.

He was sentenced to death for ordering a hitlist of murders. His first was Mary Sue Kitts, his son’s girlfriend. Why? Because he was worried Kitts would shop him to the police for his role in an armed robbery.

From the comfort of his jail cell, Allen then arranged for three other teenage witnesses – Bryon Schletewitz, 19, Josephine Rocha, 17, and Douglas White, 18 – to be shot. It was the latter three murders that earned him an execution.

Up to the point of death, he had been the oldest prisoner on death row in America. Allen was put to death aged 76.

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16 January 2002 – Jermarr Carlos Arnold

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Jemarr Carlos ArnoldHappiness enveloped Jermarr Carlos Arnold, who sang Amazing Grace as the lethal cocktail of drugs entered his veins on this day in 2002.

He craved death and was sentenced to meet it in Texas for the shooting of Christine Sanchez during an armed robbery when he was just 24 years old.

Arnold admitted casing the joint – a jewellery store – before bursting in as it opened on the morning of 15 July 1983. With a handgun trained on Sanchez, he began stuffing his bag full of merchandise. He then demanded money. But the fiesty 21-year-old girl grabbed a gun instead and pointed it at Arnold.

Arnold overpowered her, turned the gun around and shot her in the head but he fled and wasn’t caught until he was arrested in California on completely unrelated robbery charges and the details of the killing emerged. He was promptly shipped off to Texas to be tried for the murder where he pleaded guilty and actually requested the death penalty for his crime. The court obliged.

Blood lust

But the killing didn’t stop there. He’d said of the death penalty during his trial that ‘if you miss this opportunity, there’s a good chance that I will kill again’. And Arnold wasn’t wrong. While on death row, he turned on a fellow inmate and shoved a carefully crafted, sharp bolt through the man’s temple, before proceeding to dance around the victim’s lifeless body.

As they prepared Jermarr Carlos Arnold for his lethal injection, he told the family of his victim ‘I am giving my life. I hope you find comfort in my execution’. He was finally executed aged 43.

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14 January 2003 – Samuel Clark Gallamore

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Samuel GallamoreSamuel Gallamore forfeited his life for a drug-fuelled crime, in which he viciously slaughtered three people in cold blood.

He was executed in Texas for triple murder after he’d targeted the family for their money.

Gallamore had teamed up with a mate John Steiner to target their victims. They’d honed in on them after Steiner had looked after one – 74-year-old Julianne Kenney – at the nursing home where he worked.


They lay in wait on the 29 March 1992. Gallamore knocked at the door, and when Julianne’s daughter Adrienne Arnot opened it, the two men overpowered her and burst inside. They then violently set upon her and her 83-year-old dad, Verle Clayton Kenney, with a jack and a sturdy branch and beat them mercilessly. Gallamore then stabbed Arnot in the neck before turning his attentions to her part-paralysed, chair-bound mother.

When Julianne’s body was discovered she’d been stabbed in the neck and had been beaten so badly that her skull had a hole where it had been smashed in.

Drug induced

Gallamore admitted the crime and said nothing more than speed had fuelled their avaricious attack. The pair were found guilty. Steiner was given a life sentence for his part in the killings. Samuel Clark Gallamore was given a lethal injection and put to death, aged 31. He died at 6:14pm, just seven minutes after having been given the killer cocktail.

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11 January 2001 – Wanda Jean Allen

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Wanda Jean Allen Wanda Jean Allen had a habit of bumping off her lesbian lovers.

Allen was sentenced to death for the 1988 killing of her lover Gloria Jean Leathers, 29, in the US. She shot her in the stomach at point-blank range. In the case against Allen, the prosecution produced a card that she had given Leathers. With a picture of a gorilla, the printed message read: ‘Patience my ass. I am going to kill something.’ Allen’s equally loving message inside read, ‘Try and leave me and you will understand this card more. Dig. For real, no joke.’

Serial offender

Ironically they’d met in prison when Allen was doing time for manslaughter after her childhood friend Detra Pettus was killed in 1981. Meanwhile Leathers was inside after having stabbed Sheila Marie Barker.

Allen, 41, was put to death by lethal injection in 2001, making her the first black woman to be executed in the United States since 1954. She was the sixth woman to be executed since the sentence was resurrected in 1976.

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9 January 2004 – Raymond Dale Rowsey

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Raymond Dale RowseyRaymond Dayle Rowsey battered and gunned down his victim all for $55 and a few porn magazines.

Rowsey along with his accomplice and half brother Raymond Steele were found guilty of the 1992 killing of 20-year-old Howard Rue Sikorski during an armed robbery of an American corner shop.

Brotherly betrayal

Sikorski had been shot in the face, through both sides of his neck and three times in the back in a frenzied killing. Rowsey was executed by lethal injection at Central Prison in Raleigh, North Carolina, aged 32. Steele was only done for second-degree murder despite testimonies from two fellow convicts saying that Steele admitted Rowsey was not the killer.

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6 January 1989 – George Mercer

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George Mercer was the first person to be executed in Missouri since 1976 after he murdered his birthday present.

Mercer was sentenced to death for raping and murdering Karen Keeton on 31 August 1978 in Kansas. Apparently his friends had brought the 22-year-old waitress over to his house as a celebratory gift to help him enjoy his birthday.

At gunpoint he then proceeded to rape her, despite the fact that his 11-year-old daughter was home. Mercer then killed Keeton in cold blood.

The 44-year-old was put to death by lethal injection in 1989, 10 years on from the crime, by the State of Missouri.

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6 January 2004 – Charles Laverne Singleton

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Charles Laverne SingletonCharles Laverne Singleton was sentenced to death for cutting the life of a 19-year-old woman short.

He was executed for murdering Arkansas store owner Mary Lou York, in June 1979. She bled to death after Singleton stabbed her in the neck with a knife.

The 43-year-old was executed for his crime by lethal injection in 2004. He’d been on death row for over 24 years.

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