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30th October 2008 – Gregory Wright

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Gregory Wright

Gregory Wright

Update (11pm GMT): according to Michael Graczyk of Associated Press, Wright’s appeal was rejected less than an hour before he was due to be executed.


At 6.20pm Texan time, Gregory Wright was pronounced dead. Even as he lay strapped to his killer gurney, he professed his innocence, actually denying any involvement with the crime. Instead, Wright said that by choosing not to shop his mate, he had ultimately forfeited his life.

With a stack of evidence gathered by his wife that supposedly proves Gregory Wright’s innocence that she’s published on his website, is the state of Texas about to execute an innocent man?

Wright has been sat on death row awaiting his fate since 1997 and time is nearly up.

True he was granted a stay of execution recently while DNA was being re-examined, but that stay is due to expire at 6pm Texan local time.

Wright or wrong?

This is a truly poignant case where two homeless men attacked a would-be benefactor – 52-year-old widow Donna Duncan Vick. She was stabbed after she allowed Wright alongside accomplice John Wade Adams into her home for a bite to eat, money and some welcome respite from the elements.

Not content with this show of kindly hospitality, the two men wanted more and killed her before grabbing stuff they could sell for a stash of crack.

As Wright stands poised to do the dead man’s walk later today, his case is shrouded in uncertainty. Did he kill Vick or did Adams?

Wasn’t Wright?

Adams seems to be unequivocal in his certainty. ‘I want the record clear that Greg Wright is innocent of the crime he’s here on death row for.’

Indeed, Wright has always maintained his innocence, and while he admits to have been there at the time, he was not responsible for the slaughter. In a piece by Associated Press reporter Michael Graczyk, Wright states simply that ‘[Adams] blamed everything on me. I’m very upset. It’s a nightmare.’

And there’s the rub. Wright’s on death row for murder. And while the original case was founded on the basis of two killers, Adams’ new statement has thrown that into disarray.

There is definitely DNA evidence to prove Wright sold on some of the booty, but the DNA in question is that which links him to the actual murder.

According to ‘’, ‘Wright’s attorney has sought a delay so additional DNA testing could be conducted on Wright’s clothing, which prosecutors used at the trial to tie him to the woman’s slaying’.

The only problem is the time limit on that delay expires today.

Adams’ values

So why did Adams choose to come forward as the killer so late, having spent most of his time inside asserting it was Wright?


While on death row, Adams found religion and it was his newly found faith that spurred him to retract his original statement as he did not want Wright’s blood on his hands too.

Only time will tell if Adams has done enough in time. Watch this space for an update on whether 42-year-old Wright’s wrongs lead to the lethal injection or not. Remember, we’re six hours ahead, so we’ll hopefully update this post tomorrow based on the outcome in Texas.

As for his mate, in case you were wondering, Adams is also in residence on death row, but has not been given an end date…yet.

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