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Have you been executed?

Posted in Death penalty with tags , , , , on September 26 by Old Sparky

As it’s a fairly quiet day today on the old deaths front (see below) we thought we might try another one of our popular social experiments and today’s is the curious titled, but ridiculously simple question of whether you have the same name of one of the ‘Execution of the Day’ alumni.

So we’re basically calling all William Wallaces, Anne Boleyns, Derek Bentleys, Ted Bundys, Albert Fishs and Gary Gilmores to come forward and make yourself known.

If you know you’re named after anyone who’s been executed (whether we’ve featured them or not) or you know someone who is please leave us a comment and let us know.

Do people ever pick up and comment on it? Have you ever thought about changing it to something less conspicuous? When did you realise you shared the name? Were you born first and feel they robbed you of your identity with their infamy? Or do you simply not care?

Hope to hear from you soon and for those who just came here for the daily dose of death, here it is…

26 September 1818 – John Moores

John Moores was put to death for burglary.

He was hanged in Chester in 1818.

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