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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 52)

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24 December 1867 – Frederick Baker
You can be forgiven for thinking Sweet Fanny Adams was merely a euphemism for ‘f**k all’ (or a Brazilian rock band). But she was a real person who really did exist, albeit not for very long, as her story now unfolds.

25 December 1989 – Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu
Who needs a televised ‘Queen’s Speech’, when you can watch the demise of a dodgy dictator on the box instead. So the bullet-riddled bodies of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu graced Romanian TVs on this day in 1989. They were executed by firing squad for crimes against the state.

26 December c34-35 – Saint Stephen
Saint Stephen was canonised after he was stoned to death for allegedly blaspheming against Moses and God circa 34 to 35AD.

27 December 1905 – Frederick Edge
Frederick Edge was sentenced to be hanged for infanticide in 1905.

28 December 1903 – Emily Swann
Emily Swann was hanged at 8am together with her lover for the murder of her husband William. Her husband was a violent man given to beating Swann. At the end of her tether, Swann showed his latest handiwork to her toy-boy lover John Gallagher (30), who was overheard vowing to get even with him.

29 December 2006 – Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein, the infamous former President of Iraq, was hanged in 2006 for crimes against humanity, aged 69.

30 December 1842 – Noah Beauchamp
Noah Beauchamp was the first person to be legally hanged in Parke County, Indiana, after he murdered one of his neighbours.

31 December 1898 – Joseph Vacher
A French version of Jack the Ripper was beheaded after he confessed to murdering a feast of victims, among them shepherds and shepherdesses.

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