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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 45)

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5 November 2001 – Terry D Clark
Terry D Clark had the dubious honour of being the first inmate in New Mexico to be put down by lethal injection. Clark was had up for murder – a murder he may never have had chance to commit had he not been allowed out on bail following a similar offence.

6 November 2008 – Elkie Lee Taylor
Today is reserved for Elkie Lee Taylor, aka Ronnie Lee Watkins, whose life currently hangs in the balance – he is due to be executed by lethal injection later today for murder. The 46-year-old is on death row after he strangled a 64-year-old nine years ago. Taylor did it using wire coat hangers in the victim’s very own home, during a robbery.

7 November 1845 – Lavinia Burnett
Lavinia Burnett made murder a family affair when she roped her husband and son into killing for money in Arkansas. And the rope is precisely what they got. Burnett and her husband Crawford were hanged for topping Jonathan Selby, who was said to keep piles of money in his house near Fayetteville. Ironically it was another family member that shopped the murderous trio.

8 November 2008 – The Bali Bombers
It was a sultry day in a heaving part of town in Bali. And 12 October 2002 was like any other day with hundreds of tourists flocking to a popular party district…that is until three bombs suddenly shattered their lives. Two went off in by a couple of popular nightclubs, while the other was detonated at the nearby US consulate’s office. The latter didn’t claim any lives, but the former two certainly made up for it. In total 202 people died in the surprise attack.

9 November 2005 – Charles Thacker
Charles Daniel Thacker got a shot of the lethal injection for raping and murdering a Texan woman in her own flat.On 7 April 1993, Karen Crawford, 26 had just been to the supermarket and stopped to collect her post before unloading her car.

10 November 1960 – Francis Forsyth and Norman Harris
Part of a gang, Francis Forsyth and Norman Harris robbed and kicked a man to death. In 1960, Forsyth (18) and Harris (23) together with fellow gang members Christopher Louis Darby (23) and Terrence Lutt (17) set upon Allen Jee in an alley in Hounslow. They kicked him unconscious and stripped him of his cash and left him bleeding from head injuries.

11 November 1880 – Ned Kelly
The Lips himself starred as our next bloke. Yep old Mick Jagger played the eponymous Ned Kelly in a flop of a film dating back to 1970. The main reason why it was such a flop was probably because the chumps had chosen to get a Brit to play the Aussie ‘hero’.

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