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29 October 1927 – Baldomero Rodrigues

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Baldomero Rodrigues

Baldomero Rodrigues

If you cheat death during execution, it’s common that you’d be set free. But that wasn’t the case today in 1927.

Cuban Baldomero Rodrigues earned a fatal spell in the clutches of a garrotte after he was found guilty of murder, according to the 1947project.

This contraption was designed by the Spanish to strangle offenders. Or so they thought…

On this occasion, they took his seemingly lifeless body and laid it out on a slab only for Rodrigues to come back to life. He was wrestled back into the vice-like grip of the garrotte and they finished the job off good and proper, leaving him there for a full-on 20 minutes to ensure the job was done.

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