25 January 1996 – Billy Bailey

Billy Bailey

‘It’s not as if you can look in the yellow pages under ‘h’ for hangman.’ So said Billy Bailey’s lawyer after his client chose to exit via the noose.

Bailey’s was the first hanging in Delaware, America since 1946, so that method of execution was not common.

Cold blood

Nevertheless, he’d been found guilty of murdering two elderly pensioners – husband Gilbert Lambertson, 80, and his wife 73-year-old wife Clara.

The killings were particularly cold blooded, because he’d used both a pistol as well as the couple’s own shotgun to finish the job. And before he’d left, he’d even placed the bodies on chairs.

The penalty was unequivocally death – the only question that remained was the method. And that was a toss up between the injection and the gallows. Of course, Bailey chose the latter for his exit in 1996 and, so far, remains the last man to be hanged in the United States to date.

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