24 January 1989 – Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

A suave, cool and charming exterior hid a malevolent boil on the butt of humanity. We are, of course, talking about depraved sex-fiend Theodore Robert ‘Ted’ Bundy, who was executed today in 1989.

Bundy got the shock of his life when he went to the electric chair for a rape and murder fest that spanned the United States of America.

He became known as one of America’s most violent and infamously grisly serial killers.


Bundy went on a raping rampage, targeting women whom he would molest and then murder gratuituously in a four-year frenzy that took place around 1972 to 1976.

His popular choice of prey took the form of female students, and he would often decapitate his victims. With others, he’d even commit necrophilia on the rotting corpses, until decay had set in so badly, it became unbearable or impossible.

Bundy finally officially confessed to 30 murders, one as young as 12 years old. But this is a conservative figure, and only when the monsterous man was strapped to the electric chair did that finally put an end to his gratuitous killing spree.

Bundy was played by Michael Reilly Burke in the imaginatively titled film Ted Bundy.

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5 Responses to “24 January 1989 – Ted Bundy”

  1. A radio station in Florida on the day urged the good citizen’s of the state to switch of all non -essential electrical appliances ,so to give Bundy the full surge of power he so richly deserved ! they don’t mess about in Florida !!

  2. My name is penni and i am 49 years old. In the 1980’s i was visiting my boyfriend who was on death row in florida with ted bundy. I would visit with my boyfriend in the visiting area on florida’s death row and ted bundy was there receiving visits from his wife carol and her son jamey. I am beautiful with long black hair and ted always stared at me. It was very creepy. I would walk in the visiting area with my man and ted’s eyes were always fixated on me. I am so much prettier then ted’s wife carol but it was very creepy knowing ted bundy was staring at me. I know how and where ted and his wife carol had sex in that visiting area. My boyfriend that i was visiting was executed.

  3. My name is penni and in the 1980’s i was visiting my boyfriend who was on death row with ted bundy. Ted was receiving visits from his wife carol and her son jamey and ted would stare at me his eyes wierdly fixated on me. Creepy. I was told ted was probably having fantasies about me. I did talk with ted a few times but i was very scared of him. My man that i was visiting on death row he was executed.

  4. Ted bundy got exactly what he deserved the state of florida fried his ass i hate this monster

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