15 January 1954 – Dovie Dean

Dovie Dean‘It was my son who killed him.’ That was Dovie Dean’s desperate attempt to wheedle her way out of taking the blame for murdering her husband.

First Dean tried to lay the blame on her stepson, before attempting to stitch her own son up by asserting that he’d poisoned her 68-year-old husband Hawkins.

The couple had been married for just five short months before the death took place. Hawkins had ingested some kind of toxin, maybe rat poison, and had died a painful death.

Where there’s a will

Curiously the day before their wedding, Hawkins Dean had willed his entire estate over to her, including the 115-acre farm. And therein lay the motive. Under scrutiny resulting from dodgy lie detector tests, Dean buckled and confessed she’d killed Hawkins Dean. The grandmother’s defence was that she did it first before he killed her. Dean made out that life had been unbearable with her new husband and she had killed him in self defence fearing for her own life.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

But the jury didn’t buy it and she was made to pay with her own life. Dean was found guilty and sent to the electric chair for her crime. It was noted how calmly she took her punishment, even having her hair done the day before. At 8:03pm on 15 January 1954 in Ohio, 1,950 volts were passed through her 55-year-old body and Dean was pronounced dead at 8:07pm.

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4 Responses to “15 January 1954 – Dovie Dean”

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  2. Why on EARTH would she get her hair done the day prior to an execution… by ELECTROCUTION? She’d have to get her hair cut off, anyways. Or at least a circle of it cut off the top. That ruins the whole purpose.

  3. CP Lover Says:

    They should have removed all the hair from her “guilty” body and strapped her into that chair “naked” to take her punishment! Although I imagine 1950 volts did stiffen her nipples a bit!

  4. CP Lover Says:

    Punish Punish Punish Electrocute Sizzle like bacon

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