14 January 2003 – Samuel Clark Gallamore

Samuel GallamoreSamuel Gallamore forfeited his life for a drug-fuelled crime, in which he viciously slaughtered three people in cold blood.

He was executed in Texas for triple murder after he’d targeted the family for their money.

Gallamore had teamed up with a mate John Steiner to target their victims. They’d honed in on them after Steiner had looked after one – 74-year-old Julianne Kenney – at the nursing home where he worked.


They lay in wait on the 29 March 1992. Gallamore knocked at the door, and when Julianne’s daughter Adrienne Arnot opened it, the two men overpowered her and burst inside. They then violently set upon her and her 83-year-old dad, Verle Clayton Kenney, with a jack and a sturdy branch and beat them mercilessly. Gallamore then stabbed Arnot in the neck before turning his attentions to her part-paralysed, chair-bound mother.

When Julianne’s body was discovered she’d been stabbed in the neck and had been beaten so badly that her skull had a hole where it had been smashed in.

Drug induced

Gallamore admitted the crime and said nothing more than speed had fuelled their avaricious attack. The pair were found guilty. Steiner was given a life sentence for his part in the killings. Samuel Clark Gallamore was given a lethal injection and put to death, aged 31. He died at 6:14pm, just seven minutes after having been given the killer cocktail.

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