13 January 1979 – Ginggaew

Despite having a body riddled with bullets, Thai prisoner Ginggaew had to be executed twice to finish off the job.

A maid and a nanny, Ginggaew had to be executed by firing squad twice for her part in the kidnap and stabbing of her employers’ son in Thailand.

In a dispute over pay, Ginggaew’s boyfriend came up with the plan to kidnap the son and hold him to ransom. But the plot failed.

Incensed, the six-strong gang turned on the boy and stabbed him to death, despite Ginggaew’s protestations.

Die hard

Three of the members got the death penalty, including Ginggaew, who hadn’t actually killed anyone. She was hauled up in front of a firing squad and guns containing 10 bullets were emptied into her. Seemingly dead they dragged her bloodied corpse out to the morgue and quickly moved on to the next execution.

Die harder

It was only then that they noticed Ginggaew trying to lift her stricken body off the morgue slab. Said one of the executioners present, ‘The escorts rushed back into the room. One of them turned her over and put pressure on her chest to make the blood gush out faster. Another tried to strangle her. But…it was wrong of them to kill her in this manner.’ So they stopped and only once they’d executed the next victim did they bring her back in and do the job again, this time with 15 bullets.

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