11 January 1957 – Jack Gilbert Graham

Jack Gilbert Graham John ‘Jack’ Gilbert Graham was prepared to sacrifice 43 others when he murdered his mum in a plane explosion over Colorado.

A total of 44 people including his mum Daisie King and a little baby were killed when the mass-murderer bombed a plane as it took off from Denver on 1 November 1955.

He had loaded his mum’s suitcase full of dynamite and 11 minutes after the plane took off the explosive luggage blew up in mid-air.


Why did he do it? There are reports that it was revenge for the way his mother treated him as a child. But greed played a huge part – he wanted to get his hands on his mum’s money. Not only would he get his inheritance, Graham also hoped to pocket King’s travel insurance payout too.

But the FBI was on to him and they hauled him in after all trails of incriminating evidence led to greedy Graham. While awaiting his trial, Graham tried to garotte himself . And in the face of his overwhelming guilt, the jury took just 69 minutes to sentence him to death.

Graham was sent to the gas chamber on 11 January 1957, and pronounced dead at 8:08pm in Colorado State Penitentiary.

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