6 January 1995 – Angel Mou Pui-Peng

Angel Mou Pui-Peng

Angel Mou Pui-Peng’s execution was rescheduled to this day in 1995 following a poignant display of Christmas spirit. A stay of execution was granted to allow her to spend Christmas with her nine-year-old son.

Done for drug trafficking, the 25-year-old single mother was able to have her final Christmas with her family in Singapore.


Pui-Peng had been found with 9lbs of heroin after she got off a plane from Bangkok. She was found guilty and sentenced to die – her execution had been scheduled to take place at Changi prison on 23 December. Pui-Peng was finally hanged before dawn on 6 January 1995, and became the third woman to hang under Singapore’s anti-drug laws.

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One Response to “6 January 1995 – Angel Mou Pui-Peng”

  1. A true tragedy, I cry when I think of this girl

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