3 January 1946 – William Joyce

William Joyce

Fascist William Joyce was the penultimate man to be executed in the UK for a crime other than murder.

He was found guilty of treason for being a fascist politician and broadcasting Nazi propaganda to the British during World War II.

Nazi splinter group

Joyce started off as a member of the British Union of Fascists (BUF) under Sir Oswald Mosley before forming a breakaway organisation, the National Socialist League.

Anti-semitic Joyce, infamously nicknamed Lord Haw-Haw of Zeesen, was hanged by Albert Pierrepoint at Wandsworth Prison on 3 January 1946, aged 39.

Fellow Nazi sympathiser Theodore Schurch was set to meet Mr P. the following day and has the dubious honour of being the final person to be hanged for a crime that wasn’t murder.

You may also wish to check out Haw-Haw: The Tragedy of William and Margaret Joyce and Germany Calling: A Personal Biography of William Joyce – Lord Haw-Haw for more treachery and intrigue.

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2 Responses to “3 January 1946 – William Joyce”

  1. From what I know about him he was born American so how could he have been a traitor to a country he was not a native of. This was in my opinion cold blooded murder. His body was dumped on top of a murderer hanged a few days before and therefore not given a decent burial.

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