2 January 1663 – Illiam Dhone

Illiam DhoneIlliam Dhone was shot for embezzlement, despite having already done time for his crime.

Dhone (whose English name was William Christian) was a Isle of Man, aka Manx nationalist and politician. He led a successful revolt against the then Lord of Mann who’d been imprisoned, and was eventually made Governor of the Isle of Man in the mid-17th century.

But power went to Dhone’s head. He misappropriated funds and when his crime caught up with him, he hot-footed it over to England. There Dhone was slammed in jail for a year.

Crime and retribution

When released, he returned to the Isle of Man, where the new Lord, Charles Stanley, the 8th Earl of Derby was keen to see Dhone properly punished for all his deeds, not least for leading the revolt against his father.

In the ensuing trial, Isle of Man judges, known as Deemsters, found against him after he refused to hand over all his assets to the State. For that, Dhone was shot on 2 January 1663, aged 54. But he was already considered to have done time for his crime, so, of course, retribution was swift for the Deemsters who’d ordered his execution. The newly instated King of England, Charles II made sure they were punished and Dhone’s family got compensation.

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