2 January 1924 – Matthew Nunn

Despite craving death, Matthew Frederick Atkinson Nunn managed to cheat himself out of it twice.

On 14 November 1923, jealous Nunn slit his girlfriend Minetta May Kelly’s throat for which he was sentenced to death. He then tried to commit suicide. Apparently his murderous jealousy had been fuelled by the suspicion that Kelly had become friendly with another man.

On a seemingly romantic walk through fields with Nunn in Newcastle, Kelly’s throat was cut.

Tried and failed

Heartbroken Nunn then turned the blade on himself in a failed attempt to kill himself.

He was just 24 when he was hanged by Thomas Pierrepoint on 2 January 1924 in Durham. But even his execution attempt failed the first time. As the gallows opened the rope snapped and he fell to the pit half strangled – he was finally fatally hanged again 24 minutes later.

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2 Responses to “2 January 1924 – Matthew Nunn”

  1. shirley frazer Says:

    i am the great niece of Minnetta Mary Kelly who was murdered by this man on this site you have the date of the murder incorrect is was 12-09-1923 i have the the original newspaper cutting from the time STANLEY NEWS AND CONSETT CHRONICLE 04-10-1923 and they did not go for a walk in newcastle the were walking in Tantobie, Co Durham.

  2. Lee Richardson Says:

    Hi Shirley

    I am currently searching my family tree and my father’s aunty which I think was the cousin of Minetta Mary Kelly mother. Long shot but do you have more information or have you researched your tree etc?

    Kind Regards

    Lee Richardson

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