Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 51)

17 December 1914 – Arthur Hodges
Arthur Hodges killed a policeman while resisting arrest. For that the African-American was put on the electric chair and became the first person to be executed by the chair in Arkansas.

18 December 1945 – John Amery
John Amery, a staunch fascist, was hanged at Wandsworth, for treason. He helped both Hitler and Mussolini spread their propaganda during the Second World War.

19 December 1932 – Yoon Bong-Gil
Yoon Bong-Gil, a 24-year-old Korean, was sentenced to death for attempting to kill the Japanese Emperor Hirohito.

20 December 1876 – John Green
Nine children were left orphaned after their father John Green was executed for shooting their mother.

21 December 1929 – Peter Kudzinowski
The children of New Jersey were particularly vulnerable in the late 1920s. Not only was the slimy Albert Fish trawling the area, but also Peter Kudzinowski, a railroad worker-cum-serial killer, was at large.

22 December 1915 – Harry Thompson
Lovelorn Harry Thompson lost his life for letting all-consuming passions get the better of him. He managed to get embroiled with one Alice Kaye and the relationship was to be the death of him.

23 December 1890 – Mary Eleanor Wheeler Pearcey
Mary Eleanor Wheeler Pearcey hanged for the murder of her lover’s wife and baby.

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