Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 43)

22 October 1828 – Bell M’Menemy and Thomas Conner
Our second female to be executed in Scotland this month is Bell M’Menemy (the first being Susan Newell. And both shared the same fate but for different crimes. While Newell murdered a child, M’Menemy was a robber and her motive was financial gain, according to lurid newspaper accounts written at the time.

23 October 1971 – Ion Rîmaru
In the run-up to Hallowe’en it seems apt that we have details of a vampire-like murderer for you to savour. And Romania is the venue for today’s serial killing rampage by one Ion Rîmaru. In a scourge that lasted two years, the sex-mad sadist would prey on young women, raping them before finishing them off or at least attempting to finish them off in most cases.

24 October 2006 – Danny Rolling
Today’s a corker of a day – a hymn-singing serial killer plus a self-proclaimed prophet who claimed he had the ear of God. But first to the serial killer, whose name was Danny Harold Rolling. He got a heart-stopping dose of toxins today in 2006 following a spate of macabre felons in Florida.

25 October 1964 – Eric Edgar Cooke
The Nedlands Monster turned a sleepy Perth town on its head after he went on a murderous rampage, which claimed 22 people. The monster was actually Eric Edgar Cooke, who sent the Aussie inhabitants of Nedlands into turmoil after he randomly picked off inhabitants, indiscriminately running people over in his car or knocking on their doors and shooting them at point-blank range to name just a couple of methods.

26 October 2005 – Marlin Gray
Two sisters stood no chance after a murderous foursome jumped them, gang-raped them and then chucked them over the side of a disused bridge in America. Marlin Gray was executed on this day in 2005 for his part in the assault and murder of the two girls.

27 October 1441 – Margery Jordemaine
With Hallowe’en just around the corner, it seems fitting that we’ve unearthed someone who was slow roasted for being a witch. Margery Jordemaine (or Jourdemaine or Jourdemayne) was flung on the barbecue at Smithfield after she was found guilty of witchcraft in the 15th century. But not just any old witchcraft – she’d apparently used her sorcery skills in an attempt to bring about the death of Henry VI.

28 October 1868 – Steve Long
A fittingly unlawful end met the equally lawless Steve Long, who was a supposed upholder of all things legal in the American Wild West. Yeah right! The gun-toting Wild Westerner would shy away from incarcerating would-be felons, not least because he preferred to flex his law-making muscles either in face-offs or out-and-out gun battles.

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