Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 41)

8 October 1586 – John Adams
John Adams, a Catholic priest, became a martyr when he was executed in 1586. He was around 40 years of age when he was hanged, drawn and quartered alongside two fellow priests, John Lowe and Robert Dibdale at Tyburn for their faith.

9 October – Aileen Wuornos (2002) and Che Guevara (1967)
Today was clearly a big old day of death with US-born highway hooker and serial man-killer Aileen Wuornos and the history forming Che Guevara both done for on October 9th.

10 October 1923 – Susan Newell
The last woman hanged in Scotland, Susan Newell let her temper get the better of her when she strangled a 13-year-old paperboy to death. Glaswegian Newell had lived on the breadline since before the turn of the 20th century and had a history of beating her philandering husband, John.

11 October 1878 – William P Longley
Controversy shrouds our next man. For over a hundred years, doubt has been cast over whether a mass-murderer actually kicked the bucket or survived his hanging. His alias was Wild Bill and apparently the subject of this uncertainty was gun-toting Texan outlaw Bill Longley and his father helped put it about that the family had bribed their way out of their son’s lethal sentence.

12 October 1984 – Linwood Briley
A trio of notorious numbskulls frittered away the lives of others in a series of wrongdoings that was ultimately to cost them their lives too. But one was to gain true infamy when he led a near-successful prison break, which ‘Time’ magazine termed ‘the largest death-row breakout in history’ back in 1984.

13 October 1998 – Jeremy Vargas Sagastegui
In a dire case of the babysitter from hell, Jeremy Vargas Sagastegui was executed in America for killing three people including a three-year-old boy. Toddler Kievan Sarbacher was left in the so-called care of Sagastegui, along with his infant sister on the night of 18 November 1995 in Washington. While his mother was out, the helpless little boy was sexually abused, beaten, stabbed and finally drowned.

14 October 1767 – John Spires and William Bryan
The gallows at Tyburn were busy on this day in 1767. Two highway robbers were also strung up. John Spires and William Bryan were done for a hold-up at Lisson Green, probably on what’s now known as the A41 into London.

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