Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 40)

1 October 1943 – Janka Boissevain, Gideon Boissevain and Louis Boissevain
At a time when Europe was gripped by the irresistible rise of the Nazi machine, three young lads forfeited their lives on this day in 1943. Janka Boissevain, Gideon Boissevain and cousin Louis Boissevain were three family members who were literally wiped out in one fell swoop for daring to resist Nazi control during World War II.

2 October 1833 – Robert Tennant
It’s not often we head north of the border. The last Scot was William Wallace, but even he was executed down south. Not so our next condemned individual. For today is the turn of Robert Tennant, who was strung up in Stirling for murder, aged just 24.

3 October 2003 – Edward Hartman
Edward Hartman was sentenced to death in North Carolina for murdering his mum’s ex-boyfriend. Hartman was living with Herman Smith Jr, who was 77 at the time of his murder in 1993. A steaming Hartman shot him at close range merely for money and to get his hands on Smith’s car.

4 October1996 – Larry Gene Bell
Today is given over to one particularly unsavoury character, who was convinced he was Jesus Christ up to the day he died. His name is Larry Gene Bell and the American was sent to his death for murdering the sister of a former beauty queen hailing from South Carolina, among others.

5 October 1744 – Sarah Cox
We’re always on the look-out for famous namesakes. We’ve had Homer Simpson, today it is the turn of Sarah (albeit with an ‘h’) Cox. Far from being a British DJ, this Ms Cox was a highway robber who was rampant in the 18th century.

6 October 1909 – Martha Rendell
Martha Rendell was the first woman executed in Western Australia. She was said to have killed her three step-children with hydrochloric acid in 1908. But she claimed she was treating Arthur, Annie and Olive Morris for diptheria.

7 October 1943 – 91 US Prisoners of War
As many as 91 US soldiers copped bullets today in what could have been a revenge attack during World War II. The Japanese had the men executed on a war-torn island in the Pacific that was the subject of much wrangling between the two superpowers. Wake Island comprised three islands, which offered a strong foothold to the Far East. And the battle for control was to prove bloody.

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