Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 37)

10 September 1977 – Hamida Djandoubi
Hamida Djandoubi has the dubious honour of being the last person to be officially sent to the guillotine in France. The Tunisian immigrant was beheaded in Marseilles for killing his girlfriend after she shopped him to the police for forcing her into prostitution.

11 September 1599 – Beatrice Cenci
In a life riven with incest and abuse, 16th-century Italian beauty Beatrice Cenci was driven to kill her depraved father. Just a child, Cenci was the middle child of three who lived in Rome. Her older brother Giacomo and her younger brother Bernardo, plus her step-mother Lucrezia were already being abused when her father Francesco turned on his daughter and started committing incest.

12 September 2006 – Farley Matchett
Farley Matchett was shoved onto death row for killing a man apparently in self defence. However, his excuse was that victim, Uries Anderson owed him money, and when he didn’t cough up Matchett stabbed Anderson in the back twice in so-called self defence… and beat him on the head with a hammer.

13 September 1946 – Amon Göth
At the risk of perpetuating a myth, the 13th did indeed prove unlucky for today’s unsavoury individual. There was once an unwritten rule that if you cheated death during execution in earlier centuries, then you walked free. Not so in the 20th century and certainly not in the case of Amon Leopold Göth, who hit the gallows on this day in 1946, in one of the most protracted deaths on our site.

14 September 2005 – Frances Newton
Frances Newton was sent down for shooting her husband and two children in Texas. Newton was convicted for the 1987 murder of Adrian Newton, seven-year-old Alton, and 21-month-old Farrah. The case against the 21-year-old was said to have been founded on circumstantial evidence and there was a bid to get the African-American released.

15 September 1982 – Sadegh Ghotbzadeh
The former foreign minister in Iran, Sadegh Ghotbzadeh was executed on this day in 1982. A loyal aide to Ayatollah Khomeini and a keen supporter of the National Front in Iran, the keen right-winger was sentenced to death for conspiracy.

16 September 1816 – Susanna Holroyd
Susanna Holroyd was strung up in 1816 for murdering her husband. Her hanging took place at Lancaster Castle.

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