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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 34)

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20 August 1897 – Michele Angiolillo Lombardi
Italian assassin Michele Angiolillo Lombardi was executed for killing the Spanish Prime Minister at the end of the 19th century. Angiolillo was sentenced to death for shooting Antonio Cánovas del Castillo in revenge for the PM’s harsh and swift reprisal against numerous Spanish activists.

21 August 1900 – William Lacey
William Lacey did away with his wife and earned himself a death sentence for his crime.

22 August 1700 – the Rev Thomas Hunter
You’ve got to love the ‘Malefactors’ Bloody Register’. Written in the 18th century, it detailed lurid accounts of vicious felons in a bid to dissuade people from committing crimes, otherwise known as the ‘Newgate Calendar’. And that’s where we dug up our next dodgy gentleman – a reverend no less.

23 August 1305 – William Wallace
‘…they’ll never take our freedom’ was Mel Gibson’s rallying cry in the epic ‘Braveheart’, which chronicles the rise and fall of today’s main man. We are, of course, talking about Sir William Wallace, who led the Scots against the tyranny of English rule.

24 August 1821 – William Bird
William Bird was hanged on this day in 1822 for stealing. Bird was cooped up after he was found guilty of housebreaking, which was the crime of forcing your way into a house usually during the day, normally in order to rob people.

25 August 1936 – Grigory Zinoviev
Whoever said you can’t be done for the same crimes twice? Try telling that to the between-world-war Russians. Not content with doling out a 10-year sentence, the Russian government cooked up a whole new set of crimes to try an already convicted Grigory Zinoviev again.

26 August 1826 – John Green
In 1826, burglary was punishable by death. But that didn’t stop John Green from trying to pilfer items in Chesire.

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