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Execution of the Day – 2009 (part 30)

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23 July 1912 – Arthur Birkett
Driven mad by his inability to secure the girl of his dreams, Arthur Birkett decided on desperate measures and paid the ultimate price. Just four days short of his 23rd birthday, the lovelorn lothario was hanged for his actions, following the tragic murder of a young girl.

24 July 1588 – Blessed Nicholas Garlick
‘Seducing’ the Queen’s subjects, that’s what Nicholas Garlick was found guilty of in 1588. Sadly his crimes were not racy as they sound. A priest by trade, he was a Catholic through and through, and despite harsh laws against anyone found spreading his religion, Garlick contrived to commit the cardinal sin.

25 July 1826 – Kondraty Fyodorovich Ryleyev
Russian Kondraty Fyodorovich Ryleyev’s words were to be the death of him quite literally. Having cheated death the first time round on 24 July 1826, Ryleyev dissed the Russians’ ineptitude so disparagingly that he squandered his ‘get out of jail free card’ by securing a second chance to swing.

26 July 1815 – Eliza Fenning
A tantalising little package marked ‘arsenic, deadly poison’; alluring if you’re attempting a murder, but a little obvious don’t you think? Similarly, when it comes to poisoned food, it’s just too convenient to blame the cook, but that may have been what happen.

27 July 1935 – Eva Coo
The remorseless and ruthless drive of Eva Coo was truly stunning. The American earned an electrifying ending after she stopped at nothing in her acquisition of other people’s wealth. Some sources said she owned a brothel, while others said she’d been paid to look after her victim – a handyman.

28 July – 1976, Christian Ranucci and 1540, Thomas Cromwell
One of the last executions in France was reserved for Christian Ranucci. Many have said the convicted killer may not have been guilty, but there was no denying Ranucci’s last words: ‘rehabilitate me’. And on a bumper day…like anyone in Henry VIII’s inner circle, your future could never be guaranteed or considered secure. So Thomas Cromwell found out today in 1540.

29 July 1879 – Kate Webster
Today’s mercenary minx was as murderous as she looked. Catherine Lawler aka Webster was found guilty of wilfully killing, then hacking her former boss to bits in a bid to do away with the incriminating evidence.

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