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Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 17)

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23 April 1913 – Walter Sykes
A double murderer was strung up today in 1913. Wakefield saw a 24-year-old swing for his crimes. Walter Sykes was sentenced to death for murdering Amy Collinson and Frances Nicholson.

24 April 1946 – Martin Coffey
Criminals seemed to be getting younger and younger in the mid-’30s and ’40s. Another 24-year-old was gallows bound on this day in 1946. Martin Coffey was hanged in Manchester for murdering Henry Dutton.

edward-devlin25 April 1952 – Edward Devlin and Alfred Burns
Controversy shrouds today’s duo, both of whom were hanged in 1952 for murder. But did they do it? Alfred Burns and Edward Devlin (pictured left) were a couple of Mancunian mates, who’d chalked up a whole heap of crimes between them before they were done for torturing and bludgeoning a woman to death in her own home.

alton-coleman26 April 2002 – Alton Coleman
A disorganised serial killer – that was how Alton Coleman was described. An American murderer, who was not fussy who he targeted, was had up for killing four adults and four children. Of course his targets may have seemed indiscriminate, but there were observers who believed he was a racist who targeted fellow black individuals.

27 April 1927 – William Knighton
If you killed someone, you’d know it, wouldn’t you? Well, not according to William Knighton. First Knighton said he killed his mum, then he thought he hadn’t. But, whichever his story, it was all looking decidedly dodgy.

benito-amilcare-andrea-muss28 April 1945 – Benito Mussolini
There’s nothing like a fascist dictator to really wind people up. And Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini wound the Italians up to such an extent there was a real hate campaign against him by the end.

david-m-brewer29 April 2003 – David M Brewer
It’s one thing to covet your mate’s wife, but it’s entirely different to abduct her, rape her and kill her in cold blood. That’s what David Brewer was found guilty of and executed for in 2003.

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