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Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 12)

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19 March 1913 – Edward Palmer
A scrap of paper and the whispered words ‘My fiancé did it’ were enough to send Edward Palmer down for murder. Palmer, known to his friends as Ted, was hanged for viciously slitting the throat of Ada James after she reacted angrily to news that he was going to find his fortune in the West Indies.

giuseppe-zangara20 March 1933 – Giuseppe Zangara
Italian immigrant Giuseppe Zangara was sent to the electric chair for trying to kill the American President. Having travelled over from Italy to find his fortune in America, he was hit by the depression of the 1920s and early ‘30s.

thomas-cranmer21 March 1556 – Thomas Cranmer
homas Cranmer was a wily old dog. He was pretty in touch with the changing world under the Tudors…that is until his luck finally ran dry. Cranmer was executed on this day in 1556, for his support of Lady Jane Grey against Mary I.

hans-kohlhase22 March 1540 – Hans Kohlhase
Vengeance fuelled the lawless activities of Hans Kohlhase in Renaissance Germany. He felt let down by the law in Saxony so he decided to wreck his revenge on the area that had seen his spectacular demise…whilst wearing a cool hat and cape combo!

john-d-lee23 March 1877 – John D. Lee
John Doyle Lee a Latter-day Saint in the eyes of the Mormons, was put in front of a firing squad for his role in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. His Mormon group was fiercely protective of its territory and that turned out to be very bad news for the Fancher–Baker party.

24 March 1908 – Robert Lawman & Joseph Noble
Lawman and Noble hardly lived up to their names as they were both executed for murder on this day in 1908.

25 March 1981 – Hoyt Franklin Clines, James William Holmes and Darryl Richley
In a bid to scrimp and save money, Arkansas bumped off a trio of men on this day in 1981. All this took place, despite their valiant efforts to plead the Sixth Amendment.

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