Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 11)

So, who do we have for you in this week’s daily dose of death? Well, we have a truly international flavour this week with all the cases coming from across the Pond or Europe, with a Filipino to represent the Far East.

Save for a Medieval knight from the Middle Ages, the rest have, perhaps shockingly, all taken place in the last 40 or so years, with the last one as recent as 2000.

To add to that, we also have some history makers this week. The last person to be executed in America before they abolished it in 1976, albeit temporarily, is coming up.

France offers up two cases in the shape of a failed French assassin who was unable to kill a president despite pumping out hundreds of bullets, plus a fried soldier who slow-burned at the stake, despite having built a reputation on his involvement in the then lauded Holy Wars.

Talking of notoriety, not a week seems to go by without a serial killer, and this week’s no different. Well, maybe a little, because there is not one, but two, with one depraved example actually hunting his prey in a pack of four.

And here’s a thought for the week. Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned, but you might want to leg it if you see one coming towards you in a truck, Olga Hepnarová stylee.

jean-bastien-thiry11 March 1963 – Jean Bastien-Thiry
They say there’s a bullet out there with your name on it. Well French President Charles de Gaulle had over 200 fired at him and he managed to evade them all. Jean Bastien-Thiry was completely set on killing when he oversaw a plot to murder the then President.

olga-hepnarova12 March 1975 – Olga Hepnarová
Mad at the world and her family Olga Hepnarová took her revenge out on some innocent commuters. Full of bitter hatred, Hepnarová steamrollered a truck over a crowd of about 25 people who were waiting for a tram in Prague. What a cow!

steven-morin13 March 1985 – Stephen Morin
It took 40 minutes to find a vein to inject serial rapist and killer, Stephen Peter Morin with his killer injection on this day in 1985. He’d been found guilty of raping and killing three women. But that was just the surface of a whole ream of crimes.

ponchai-wilkerson14 March 2000 – Ponchai Wilkerson
Give him his dues, Ponchai Kamau Wilkerson did his level best to evade execution on this day in 2000. He had been found guilty of armed robbery and murder and while banged up he tried to escape, which failed so he took a warder hostage.

victor-feguer15 March 1963 – Victor Feguer
Victor Harry Feguer made his name as the last person to be executed in America before it was banned as a sentence until 1976. He remains the last person to be put to death in Iowa after he was found guilty of killing a doctor, possibly in the fruitless pursuit of drugs.

andrew-kokoraleis16 March 1999 – Andrew Kokoraleis
As many as 18 women – that’s how many victims the Chicago Rippers were said to have targeted. And Andrew Kokoraleis paid for his bloodlust on this day in 1999. He was one of a depraved quartet of cannibalistic men who’d target young women, torturing them, gang raping them and stabbing them.

flor-contemplacion17 March 1995 – Flor Contemplacion
42-year-old mother of four, Flor R Contemplacion was executed in Singapore for an apparent double murder. Originally from the Philippines, Contemplacion worked as a domestic servant who was accused of strangling a fellow Filipino woman.

jacques-de-molay18 March 1314 – Jacques de Molay
The last man to lead the Medieval Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay from Burgundy was cooked slowly from the bottom up today in 1314. The Frenchman was burned at the stake along with a mate for, well, we’re not really sure what for.

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