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Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 10)

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OK, so last week, we gave you a new post to satiate your search for executions of the day.

This week, alongside the year’s latest instalment of the criminal collective, we have not just one new executee, nor two, but 40 no less.

For this week hosts a feast day in honour and remembrance of 40 Orthodox saints who were executed in a most unorthodox way.

Oh, and of course here are the other usual suspects too.

louis-lepke-buchalter4 March 1944 – Louis ‘Lepke’ Buchalter
Ruthless racketeer and murderous mobster Louis ‘Lepke’ Buchalter was sent to the chair and fried today in 1944. Buchalter made his name on the violent streets of 1930s’ New York and was probably one of the highest profile catches the police made.

lena-baker5 March 1945 – Lena Baker
Lena Baker was fried on this day following a life devoted to turning tricks in a bid to make ends meet. Baker’s life was one of hardship. Born into an African American family of cotton pickers, Baker’s family struggled to make a living.

6 March 1912 – Myer Abramovich
Debt-ridden fruit and veg man Myer Abramovich killed then torched a restaurant-owning couple on their premises to cover up his crimes.

sarah-malcolm7 March 1733 – Sarah Malcolm
Sarah Malcolm was the last person society expected to come face to face with the hangman’s noose on this day in 1733. Born into a middle-class family in Durham, she was the epitome of respectability but she was forced to earn her crust after her dad wasted the family fortune.

martha-beck8 March 1951 – Martha Beck
‘A 200lb figure of wrath’ Martha Beck had to be wedged into Old Sparky when it was found she was too big to sit in the electric chair on this day 1951. She was executed for mass murder at Sing Sing in the States along with her partner.

timothy-evans-29 March 1950 – Timothy Evans
Poor old Timothy Evans. First his missus is killed by the guy downstairs. Then the guy downstairs gives evidence against him in court. Then he’s hanged for the crime. Unfortunately for Tim the guy downstairs was serial sadist John Reginald Halliday Christie.

roy-hog-roberts10 March 1999 – Roy ‘Hog’ Roberts
Even a lie detector test couldn’t sway the governor of Missouri to let Roy ‘Hog’ Roberts off his crimes. So Roberts got a lethal injection even though he may have been innocent of his crimes. But it’s too late to say that now.

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