Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 8)

Let’s tour the world this week.

First we have a foray Down Under with the last woman to be strung up, followed by a trip Stateside to reveal a spurned stalker and a hubristic harpie who killed her hubbie.

Closer to home, we have one of the Nazis’ nemeses who movingly put her German life on the line in defence of her pacifist beliefs.

Of course no world tour would be complete without an all-important visit to Shepton Mallet, before we wind up our worldly theme with an Essex boy.

jean-lee19 February 1951 – Jean Lee
Today marked a key date in social history Down Under, as Jean Lee became the last woman to be hanged in Australia. The 31-year-old was hanged for the murder of William ‘Pop’ Kent on this day in 1951. She had a knack for hooking up with the most inappropriate men.

20 February 1998 – Michael Edward Long
Obsession gripped Michael Edward Long, who was executed on this day in 1998. He was transfixed by an Oklahoma florist and, when she shunned his affections, he turned aggressor and killed her. And that resulted in a lethal injection fix for Michael Long.

21 February 1918 – Joseph Jones
Being an ex-army man didn’t stop Joseph Jones from targeting soldiers in a life of crime. He was strung up today in 1918, aged just 26, for killing a fellow comrade in arms.

sophia-magdalena-scholl22 February 1943 – Sophie Magdalena Scholl
A pacifist German who hadn’t been sucked in by Nazi propaganda was executed on this day in 1943. While a student at Munich University Sophie Magdalena Scholl and her brother Hans were active members of the White Rose group.

irene-schroeder223 February 1931 – Irene Schroeder
Like a preying mantis, Irene Schroeder had a habit of destroying the men in her path. The trigger-happy blonde was not content to continue life with a loving husband and young child and she was forever living beyond her means.

24 February 1925 – William Bignell
William Bignell was hanged for the murder of his girlfriend Margaret Legg. He was hanged, aged 32, at Shepton Mallet jail, which is still the oldest operation jail in Britain, having been opened in 1610.

robert-devereux25 February 1601 – Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex
Royal favourite Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, kept pushing his luck and finally lost his head after he ran out of chances. Queen Elizabeth I of England had a particular soft spot for Essex, but he proved pretty poor at defending her honour.

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One Response to “Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 8)”

  1. John Leslie Says:

    I really like reading about people being executed. Especially who deserve it and get it. (in accordance to their crime).If a person is guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt. YES,by all means give them what they truly deserve. How would one become an executioner? Meaning,the guy who drops the Cyanide for the gas chamber.The guy who slips the rope aroung the neck of the condemned and pulls the lever sending the doomed to their deaths.The guy who flips the switch to deliver the current needed to make the Electric Chair fry the one getting zapped.The one who fires the rifle ie: Gary Gilmore style. If there was a way I could be this man,I would take it upon myself to be the best of the best.

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