Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 3)

15 January 1954 – Dovie Dean
dovie-dean‘It was my son who killed him.’ That was Dovie Dean’s desperate attempt to wheedle her way out of taking the blame for murdering her husband. First Dean tried to lay the blame on her stepson, before attempting to stitch her own son up by asserting that he’d poisoned her 68-year-old husband Hawkins.

16 January 1936 – Albert Fish
albert-fish-liveFlesh-eating American serial killer Albert Hamilton Fish flippantly said ‘I don’t even know why I am here’as he sat on the electric chair waiting to die. Fish was an American serial killer and cannibal who was sentenced to die on this day in 1936.


17 January 1977 – Gary Gilmore
gary-gilmore-live‘Let’s do it’, said Gary Mark Gilmore as he faced his firing squad on this day in 1977. The American murderer was sentenced to death for killing a Utah motel manager Bennie Bushnell in 1976.



18 January 1917 – Joseph Stones, Peter Goggins and John McDonald
lance-sergeant-joseph-stoneThree First World War soldiers were posthumously pardoned 90 years on, after they’d been executed for so-called cowardice in 1917. Around 300-plus soldiers were shot for cowardice during the World War I. But it was these three young servicemen, in particular, who were to represent those ranks who were branded deserters.

19 January 2005 – Donald Beardslee
donald-beardslee-liveArnold Schwarzenegger sanctioned his first execution to be carried out on this day in 2005. Murderer Donald Beardslee’s appeal for clemency on the grounds of diminished responsibility was denied after Governor Schwarzenegger deemed that the criminal was fully aware of his actions.


20 January 1773 – William Griffiths
Highwayman William Griffiths was hanged for targeting a man who was to turn criminal himself. Griffiths was hanged at Tyburn for stealing two guineas and some pieces of silver. The crime took place on Tottenham Court Road, in London, and Griffiths’s victim was Reverend Dr Dodd.

21 January 1793 – Louis XVI
louis-xvi-live1Even royalty was not beyond the law as Louis XVI of France found out in 1793. The French king was sent to the guillotine for treason, following the insurrection on 10 August 1792. And, with his execution came the end of total monarchy in France.


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