Execution of the Day – 2009 (Part 2)

8 January 1751 – Norman Ross
Desperate Scottish robber-cum-murderer Norman Ross was hanged on this day in the mid-18th century. Ross was found guilty of killing his boss after he tried to steal money to support his girlfriend and new baby.

9 January 1923 – Edith Thompson and Frederick Bywaters
edith-thompson-liveEdith Jessie Thompson and Frederick Edward Francis Bywaters caused a stir when their alleged crime of passion led to a backlash against the death penalty.



10 January 1645 – William Laud
william-laud-liveFormer Archbishop of Canterbury, William Laud lost his head today in 1645 for passionately spreading the Lord’s word. He was beheaded for treason for his unflinchingly single-minded work in trying to achieve church unity.



11 January 2001 – Wanda Jean Allen
wanda-jean-allen2-liveWanda Jean Allen had a habit of bumping off her lesbian lovers. Allen was sentenced to death for the 1988 killing of her lover Gloria Jean Leathers, 29, in the US.



12 January 1928 – Ruth Snyder
ruth-snyder2-liveBlack widow Ruth Brown Snyder was strapped to the electric chair at Sing Sing for killing her husband. Murderous Snyder was after her huband Albert’s $48,000 life insurance payout.



13 January 1979 – Ginggaew
Despite having a body riddled with bullets, Thai prisoner Ginggaew had to be executed twice to finish off the job.A maid and a nanny, Ginggaew had to be executed by firing squad twice for her part in the kidnap and stabbing of her employers’ son in Thailand.

14 January 2003 – Samuel Clark Gallamore
samuel-gallamoreSamuel Gallamore forfeited his life for a drug-fuelled crime, in which he viciously slaughtered three people in cold blood. He was executed in Texas for triple murder after he’d targeted the family for their money.



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