Execution of the day…redux

So, we did it! We found an entire year in the life of death and it’s all here for you now to browse at your leisure.

As we can’t guarantee we’ll find another 365 fresh judicial deaths for you we’re going to change the format so you’ll get a whole week’s worth of past favourites in one chunk which should make getting around a lot quicker too. You’ll find January’s batch below and the other months will follow shortly.

Alternatively you can still use the calendar selector on the homepage…but you’ll need to skip backwards now to find the exact date you want.

To keep the regulars happy and give you all a reason to check back from time to time we’re going to sweep through the year and update the most popular stories with more photos, information and possibly even video clips (technology permitting!).

If you have any particular stories you’d like us to focus on then please leave a comment.

We’ll flag the updated stories on the monthly summaries and repost them on the appropriate days so it will be easy to spot them when you next pay us a visit.

And finally, lest we forget the “unlucky” few languishing on death row itself. How long has Chemical Ali got left? What about the ringleaders of the Bali Nine? We’ll be monitoring the airwaves and as soon as there’s a story of note you’ll be (one of the) first to know…especially if you subscribe to our RSS feed.

Thanks for all your support and comments in 2008 and here’s to a glorious 2009.

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One Response to “Execution of the day…redux”

  1. jolita Says:

    bali nine

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