28 December 1903 – Emily Swann

Emily Swann was hanged at 8am together with her lover for the murder of her husband William.

Her husband was a violent man given to beating Swann. At the end of her tether, Swann showed his latest handiwork to her toy-boy lover John Gallagher (30), who was overheard vowing to get even with him.

Bird of prey

William Swann was found beaten to death. As a glassblower, a respected profession, Swann’s drunken violence was overlooked as a means of provocation. And, instead they pinned the blame on Emily saying she ‘was much more to blame than her husband was’.

Steeled by a glass of brandy, her last words before they put the hood over her were ‘Goodbye. God bless you’. She and her lover died instantaneously. She was 42.

Also on this day

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